About the workshop

Blockchain has inevitably been on the radar on many financial institutions, due to the advantages of the technology that we have witnessed and the decentralised, trust-less, and non-intermediation values that it brings. Many banks and emerging financial players are looking at blockchain in many areas such as payments, lending, contracts, and so on.

The Asian Banker is organising a one-day comprehensive workshop dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies for financial services. The workshop will provide an in-depth primer to everything you need to know about the technology and how it will make an impact on banking and financial services. Companies who are keen to learn on how they can incorporate crypto-wallets into their payments system can also benefit from the workshop. Participants will also get the opportunity to engage in highly interactive sessions where they exchange insights that could be translated into practical actions.

Registration to the workshop includes access to the Digital Finance Convention and Heads of Retail Dialogue on 22nd March 2018.

The workshop will cover key areas such as

  • The blockchain revolution – How it will transform your job, business, and industry
  • Blockchain in finance
  • Advantages to customer experience and data analytics
  • Blockchain and cybersecurity
  • Going deeper into bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
  • How to build a crypto-wallet for my business?
  • Initial coin offerings (ICOs) and smart contracts
  • Regulatory compliance
  • The future of money
  • Evolution of crypto-banks
  • Future of financial services

Who is it designed for:

The workshop is designed for professionals from the financial industry, including banks, insurance, financial technology (fintech) companies, start-ups and retail companies who are keen to learn and integrate blockchain and cryptocurrencies into their business models.


Karthik Iyer
CEO, Founder & Chairman, BlockchainMonk

Karthik Iyer is a globally recognized expert and advisor in blockchain and fintech. He is the India ambassador of the world’s largest think tank on decentralized technologies, the P2P Foundation (the only place Satoshi Nakamoto has his webpage). Karthik has been involved with cryptocurrencies as early as 2009 and did his first trade in 2011. He is the Founder of India’s first end-to-end Blockchain and Cryptocurrency research firm, Blockchain Monk.

He spent over a decade in Scandinavia and has mentored dozens of blockchain companies such as Ammbr, Dubtokens, Greeneum and Peerity and helped them build great products and raise capital. Karthik has worked for leading technology firms such as Red Hat, Novell, Sun Microsystems and advised CXO's of global banks in technology strategy.

He is the only non-European involved in the largest EU research project on peer-to-peer value and assisted the European Council in understanding the disruptive potential of blockchain and smart contracts. He also advised the heads of the largest banks and insurance firms in Europe on the potential of decentralized finance and blockchain technologies at LIMRA and subsequently helped various Scandinavian and American companies expand into Asia.

His views have been widely published, including being interviewed in the ‘Future of Money’ TV series on Bitcoin and Blockchain. He was the first Indian Columnist at the largest selling business newspaper in Norway and his Research paper on China is the most downloaded paper in the history of a leading journal.

Karthik has attained his education in India and Sweden and later acquired his MBA from Fudan University, China and pursued his PHD from the University of Oslo, Norway.


Blockchain for Finance
21st March 2018, Westin, KL




Welcome, introduction & warm-up


The blockchain revolution – How it will transform your job, business, and industry

  • Understanding the decentralised ledger and how it looks like
  • Use cases of blockchain in finance
  • The good and bad side of adoption
  • How can blockchain improve customer experience


Coffee break


Blockchain in finance

  • How is blockchain disrupting traditional financial services
  • What are the potentials for financial institutions to incorporate cryptocurrencies in their business models?
  • Challenges in adoption including end-to-end implementation
Smart contract applications in finance


Blockchain and cybersecurity

    • Evaluating the risks involved
    • How can we protect our data and system?
    • Trust-less system – Can we rely completely on blockchain?
    • What are regulators most worried about
    • What are the attempts to legislate it and prevent money laundering?


Lunch break


Going deeper into bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

  • Understanding how money looks like today and in the future
  • What is bitcoin mining? Why is its code unbreakable?
  • The ICO phenomenon and what we need to know
  • How can financial institutions collaborate in order to not be disrupted?


How to build a crypto-wallet for my business?

  • Factors to consider
  • How can we encourage user adoption?
  • What happens when users pay through crypto-wallets?
  • Managing regulatory compliance and risk


Tea break


Forging towards the future of financial services

  • The future of money
  • How likely will crypto-banks evolve?
  • What does the networked future look like?
  • The players who will define the future industry


Summary and conclusion

* Please note that Sessions, speakers and panellist may change according to availability
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Programme Manager
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