Collaborative finance

The digitisation of money, regulatory support for cashless societies and the popularity of social networks have changed the way people transact with one another. Once thought of as disruptors, electronic-based lending, investing and funding platforms are now maturing and are seen as enablers that allow underserved sectors of the society to access funds. With millennials as their earliest adopters and strongest supporters, fundraising alternatives such as crowdfunding now make it possible for several parties to collaborate and support one common project without a financial intermediary or capital market. We are also seeing the rise of neo-banks, robo-advisors and online wealth management platforms, making it possible for the mass affluent to have access to the type of advice and service that was once beyond their reach.

Collaborative finance - Thursday 8 June 2017

The role of technology in the sharing economy

From disruptor to alternative asset class - Internet finance yesterday, today and tomorrow

The “WeChat-isation” of money - How social networks changed the way we pay

Tapping into the mass-affluent: The rise of robo-advising and online wealth management platforms

Neo banks – What’s the value proposition to the customer?

Analysing alternative data to evaluate credit risk

Marketplace lending as source of loans for SMEs

Sharing the risk - The rise of internet insurance

Featured keynote speakers from 2017

  Featured speakers from 2017


Agenda and speaking opportunities:

Gerlinde Gerber

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