Saturday, 22 June 2024

Antonio Benjamin
Managing Director & Chief Technology Officer
Global Transaction Services

Antonio (Yobie) Benjamin is a managing director and the chief technology officer (CTO) of global transaction services (GTS), a division of Citigroup. Benjamin is also chairman of GTS’ research, development and innovation lab as well as a member of the GTS executive committee. Prior to this, Benjamin was contract CTO for a significant client of Deloitte (Canada), where he provided engagement leadership, technology and business consulting services in the development of a customer loyalty program.  He has also been a partner at Ernst and Young, holding various positions such as chief of strategy and CTO of security and technology services.

Steve Monaghan

Chief Innovation Officer
DBS Group

Steve Managhan
is currently Chief Innovation officer at DBS Group. Prior to this, he was CEO of Competitive Capital, a boutique advisory firm specializing in bank turnarounds, working capital advisory and mobile payments. In the past, Managhan conducted the nine-month $100 million return to profitability turnaround in the retail banking operations of Japan’s Shinsei Bank. Managhan has also been head of consumer finance at OCBC, head of e-commerce at Citibank Singapore, as well as ran one of Citibank’s global settlement businesses. He filed for and was awarded Citibank’s first mobile payments patent and was on the CEO’s global working capital team.