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DataWorld is in its second year as the region's largest annual meeting of data & analytics practitioners in the financial services industry. It is the foremost forum for engaging on global themes and bringing together global thought leaders and industry specialists in data & analytics.

With over 300 professional data workers expected to attend DataWorld each year, it's important to secure your place now. A data & analytics school is set up to educate practitioners on mastering key areas that drive competitive success in their organisations, along with the main conference which features the most critical discussions in data & analytics today.

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Delegates will now have far more options to engage with the industry and its issues, as we will be conducting interactive workshops in addition to the main stream of conferences.

Registration for DataWorld 2013 is now open, click here to register.

For delegate registration and enquiries please contact: 
Ms. Eunice Foong
tel: +65 6236 6512


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