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08:00 - 09:00


09:00 - 12:30

Business Resiliency – Why it’s important to security and how to understand it
Ensuring availability of data and operations involves more than security. Learn how to significantly reduce organisational and business risk by putting the right contingency plans in place before business outages happen. In this hands-on session, we will discuss business continuity, what it is and how to understand and implement. Topics will include:

  • How to communicate the business value of security and continuity to executives and the board in business terms not ‘scary-speak’
  • From IT Backup to Organisational Resiliency, brief history and future trends
  • What does “good” look like? Best practices and case studies

Faculty: Howard Mannella, Managing Principal, Alternative Resiliency Services Corp, USA

12:30 - 13:30

Lunch break

13:30 -15:00

A holistic approach to cyber-crime and fraud
Cyber criminals become increasingly sophisticated and creative in finding ways to get into company systems and exploit them. One weakness of most enterprises is the separation between fraud and cyber teams within the company. As those teams work in isolation, they might be looking at different aspects of the same problem without noticing it.

  • What’s the best way of avoiding silos?
  • The need for an integrated counter-fraud and cyber security approach
  • Preventing staff from leaking information inadvertently through social media or networking websites
  • Cyber security is not just an IT issue but much rather a business issue
  • Building coalitions and partnerships between organisations for sharing of fraud and cyber threat intelligence and prevention techniques
Faculty: Amar Singh, CEO & Founder, Cyber Management Alliance, UK

15:00 - 15:30

Tea/Coffee break

15:30 - 17:00

Creating an ethical and sustainable working environment
Companies of all sizes must develop, implement, enforce and continually update their compliance programs. In this session, we will discuss how a successful compliance program should look like.

  • Best practices in addressing fraud and creating an anti-fraud environment
  • Adopting “continuous monitoring” and “continuous auditing” methods to detect fraud and other risks within organisation
  • How compliance and legal departments can best work in partnership with the front office to foster a control culture
  • Building the right incentive structure to encourage ethical behaviour
  • Common pitfalls in financial crime prevention programs and how to prevent them
  • In-house anti-corruption best practice
Faculty: Dione Schick, Head Special Projects, Asia Pacific, International Compliance Association, Singapore


End of Workshop

For more information, please contact Divya Balasubramaniam, 
Program Manager, The Asian Banker,
dbala@theasianbanker.com, (+86) 10 5869 3492

08:00 - 09:00


09:00 - 10:00

Changing guidelines and regulatory landscape

  • The growing complexity and internationalisation of the AML/CFT compliance frameworks
  • The impact of the revised FATF assessment methodology
  • Best practise examples of collaboration between countries in the prosecution of financial crime
  • Experiences and challenges with due diligence and reporting obligations under FATCA
  • Forging public-private partnerships to combat illicit transactions
  • Outlook on what to expect from the regulators within the next years

Invited speakers/panelists:
Jimmy Gurule, Former Under Secretary, Dept. of the Treasury, USA
Mohd Zabri Adil B. Talib, Head of Digital Forensics, Cyber Security, Malaysia
Dante Fuentes, President, Association of Bank Compliance Officers, Philippines

Foo Boon Ping, Managing Editor, The Asian Banker

10:00 - 10:30

Tea/ Coffee Break

10:30 - 11:30

Tackling AML challenges with proper CDD and KYC procedures

  • How far should organisations go when capturing and validating customer data? What are the alternatives to invasive identity checks?
  • New guidelines on detecting suspicious transactions; reporting requirements and asset freezing
  • Strengthening customer on-boarding and due diligence procedures
  • The widening of the category of politically exposed persons (PEPs) and enhanced due diligence (EDD)
  • Can sanctions monitoring be outsourced?
  • Bribery, corruption and other third-party risks
  • Keeping up with changing legislation on beneficial ownership

Invited speakers/panelists:
David E. Vignola, Head, Compliance, Private Banking & Wealth Management, Singapore
Oonagh Mckinley-Hutchinson, MLRO, China Trust Bank (CTBC), Singapore
Joe Chan, Head Intelligence, Financial Crime and Security Services, DBS, Singapore

Dione Schick
, Asia Program Director, Compliance & Financial Crime, International Compliance Association
Framroze Pochara, Former Executive Director and Chief Risk Officer, Singapore Mercantile Exchange

11:30 - 12:00

Using data analytics, social media and open source intelligence to combat crimes

  • Advanced analytics in customer identification, verification and risk profiling
  • Creating actionable intelligence from open source data and social media
  • Latest tools of advanced data analytics for monitoring, reporting, compliance, risk assessment and investigation purposes
  • Which OSINT tools are in the market and how can they exploit hidden data?
  • Social media monitoring tools vs. traditional risk management tools

Invited speakers/panelists:
Amitpal Singh Dhillon, CTO & Founder, A Lion Cyber Solutions
Leonard Ong, International Vice President, ISACA
Alan Seow, Cyber Security Head, Ministry of Communications & Information, Singapore

Robin Lee, Chief Executive Officer, RHT Governance Risk AML Compliance Ethics Pte. Ltd. (RHT G.R.A.C.E.)

12:00 - 12:30

Cyber crime and breaches - Is your institution safe?

  • Cyber security governance: Creating an effective risk and compliance framework
  • Understanding highly complex cybercriminal networks of today
  • Building a resilient organisation, pre-empting attacks
  • Adequate plans for responding to and recovering from cyber incidents
  • Best practices for a collaboration and threat data sharing between financial institutions and law enforcement entities in the incident of an attack

Invited speakers/panelists:
Amar Singh, CEO & Founder, Cyber Management Alliance, UK
Mohd Zabri Adil B. Talib, Head of Digital Forensics, Cyber Security, Malaysia

Howard Mannella
, Managing Principal, Alternative Resiliency Services Corp, USA

12:30 - 13:30

Lunch break

13:30 - 14:00

Trade Based Money Laundering (TBML)

  • Strengthening inter-agency coordination and forming domestic task-forces as way to combine the respective competencies of relevant authorities
  • Need to strengthen the existing bilateral arrangements and to build multilateral mechanisms for international cooperation
  • Addressing the lack of reliable statistics and standardization with regard to the practice of collection and maintenance of data on TBML

Invited speakers/panelists:
Dante Fuentes, President, Association of Bank Compliance Officers, Philippines
Thomas McMahon, MD & CEO, UD Trading Group

Mobasher Zein Kazmi, Head of Research, The Asian Banker

14:00 - 14:30

Risks associated with money service businesses (MSBs) as well as Hawala and Other Similar Service Providers (HOSSPs)

  • Differences in risk evaluation between MSBs and HOSSPs
  • Working on a case-by-case, risk based approach with MSBs
  • Will the legalization of HOSSPs help expand remittances through legal channels?

Invited speakers/panelists:
Andrew Koh, Deputy Chief Manager, Risk Control, China Construction Bank
Nizam Ismail, Co-Founder at RHT Compliance Solutions

Mobasher Zein Kazmi, Head of Research, The Asian Banker

14:30 - 15:00

Tea/Coffee break

15:00 - 16 :00

Emerging vulnerabilities and new players

  • Block chain – Will it make financial transactions safer?
  • Bitcoin  and FATF’s new 'Guidance for a risk-based approach to virtual currencies'
  • Crowd funding and crowd lending platforms and the KYC challenge
  • The security of P2P payment technologies and faster payments initiatives around the world – Lessons learned
  • Regulation versus innovation: Are banks de-risking to an extend that hinders progress and innovations?

Invited speakers/panelists:
David Moskowitz, Founder, Coin Republic - Bitcoin Brokerage
Erik Wilgenhof Plante,Chief Compliance Officer, BitX

Robin Lee
, Chief Executive Officer, RHT Governance Risk AML Compliance Ethics Pte. Ltd. (RHT G.R.A.C.E.)

16:00 - 17:00

FIFA and Volkswagen – Learning from the latest scandals about building a sustainable and ethical corporate culture

  • Preventing and investigating fraud in the workplace
  • The role of whistle blowing in exposing corruption, fraud, and mismanagement in both public and private organisations
  • Conduct risk and internal control failures
  • Key takeaways from LIBOR, FOREX, FIFA, Volkswagen and the Malaysia Development Berhad scandals

Invited speakers/panellists:
Takeyoshi Imai, Director, Criminal Law Society of Japan
Eric R Pesik, Associate General Counsel and compliance officer, Seagate Singapore International Headquarters Pte Ltd

Foo Boon Ping
, Managing Editor, The Asian Banker


End of conference

For more information, please contact Divya Balasubramaniam,
Program Manager, The Asian Banker,
dbala@theasianbanker.com, (+86) 10 5869 3492

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