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The Asian Banker Financial Innovation Showcase and Competition 2019

The Financial Innovation Showcase and Competition is designed as an international competition platform to demonstrate and explore the capabilities of leading financial technology players, financial institutions and alternate financial services provider who will pit their skills and solutions against each other.

We invite submissions from emerging as well as leading financial technology companies, financial institutions and non-banking financial companies from around the world across eight categories. The selected candidates will present investible ideas to an ‘International Innovation Council’. This council will include heads of digital finance, innovation and technology from leading banks in the country and senior executives from private equity companies, venture capitals and investors.

Participating fintech will also be invited to apply for a “table-top” space at the Future of Finance Summit and Conferences to showcase their solutions and interact with event delegates, prospects and members of Innovation Council.

Six shortlisted finalists will make an eight-minute presentation at the Future of Finance events. The winner and the participants will be given certificates. Proceedings of the innovation showcase will be featured in the Asian Banker publication and website. Interested financial technology companies and banks are invited to make a submission.

Please write to Ms Neeti Aggarwal at naggarwal@theasianbanker.com to receive your submission kit or if you need further information.

The Financial Innovation Showcase and Competition will be held during the following events

The Future of Finance, China 2019

25 July 2019

The Future of Finance, Indonesia 2019

22 August 2019

The Future of Finance, Sri Lanka 2019

5 September 2019

The Future of Finance, Philippines 2019

10 October 2019

The International Finance, MEA 2019

7 November 2019

The two-hour Innovation Showcase sessions at each Future of Finance event will provide a glimpse of breakthrough innovations in banks and fintech companies. The Innovation Council will exchange views on key future of finance themes and the selected six fintech companies will make an eight minutes presentation (comprising presentation and two minutes of Q&A) during the session. One fintech will be selected as a winner at each session.

The Financial Innovation showcase and competition is organised around the following eight categories:

  • Big Data / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Payments
  • Data Privacy / Cybersecurity / Fraud
  • Lending
  • Investments/Wealth Management
  • Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Insurtech
  • Regtech

The Innovation Council comprises heads of digital finance, innovation, digital banking/insurance, technology and payments from domestic banks in the respective countries, as well as senior executives from private equity companies, venture capital companies, fintech experts and investors.

Members of The Innovation Council, Indonesia

  1. Khor Chieh Suang, Principal, Cento Ventures
    Chieh Suang is Principal at Cento Ventures, a venture capital and private equity company focused on South East Asia and other growth markets. She focuses on sourcing companies with good potential and facilitating them to refine their business model and strategy. Prior to this, at Nusantara Ventures and Infocomm Investments, she went through the life cycle of incubating start-ups and portfolio exits. Cento Venture’s current portfolio of start-ups include CodaPay, KreditGoGo, Kalibrr and migme, from e-payment wallets, P2P lending, employee matching to social entertainment.
  2. Nick Ogden,Founder and Chairman, ClearBank
    An entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in banking, payments and fintech, Nick Ogden is the founder of ClearBank, UK’s new clearing bank. He also founded WorldPay in 1997, the first internet payment service to guarantee transactions worldwide, and earlier, BarclaySquare, the first bank endorsed e-commerce shopping mall. He is also the founder of the Voice Commerce Group, non-executive chairman of ING backed Funding Options, and a non-executive director of Visa® backed ShieldPay.
  3. Renier Lemmens,Venture Partner, DN Capital, Professor of Fintech and Innovation, The London Institute of Banking & Finance
    Renier Lemmens is a Venture Partner with DN Capital and focuses on Fintechs. He currently also serves as Chairman of TransferGo, Divido, Mojo Mortgages, and Hostmaker and Senior Advisor and visiting professor at the London Institute of banking and finance. In the past, he served as CEO of PayPal EMEA and partner at McKinsey & Company. He has also served as COO of Barclays International Retail and Commercial Banking and an officer of GE Capital as Chairman and CEO of Budapest Bank.
  4. Jaspar Roos, Chief Inspiration Officer and Innovator, Netherlands
    Jaspar Roos is currently Chief Inspiration Officer at Limpid & Co. Previously he was the Chief Inspiration Officer at ABN AMRO Bank, leading the innovation and venturing unit of ABN AMRO Bank. He was also cofounder of XL family, an international advisory firm, and 2SQRS, an investment fund. His experience spans from running a corporate innovation unit to launching digital ventures.
  5. Urs Bolt, Fintech & Regtech Expert
    Bolt has more than 25 years’ experience as a senior banker, focusing on wealth management, investment banking, risk & regulation, and financial technology. His expertise centres on developing and launching new digital business platforms and establishing prime services for high net-worth clients. His focus is to help fintech companies and financial service providers review business strategies, develop products and markets, execute sales, scout for fintech solutions, build business partnerships, and implement corporate structures and processes.
  6. Wilson Chia,Former Regional Head of Consumer/SME Banking South East Asia, Standard Chartered Bank
    Wilson Chia is a highly seasoned banker with over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is a banking consultant/advisor in ASEAN on strategy, transformation, risk management and financial planning. Prior to this, he was EVP of Fullerton Financial Holdings (FFH) at Temasek Holdings as the head of SME and Commercial Banking, overseeing portfolios across emerging markets. Previously Wilson worked at Standard Chartered Bank, as Regional Head of Consumer / SME banking in South East Asia.
  7. Andra Sonea,former lead solutions architect, Digital Innovation Labs, Lloyd Banking Group
    Andra Sonea is architect at the fintech consulting company 11FS and former lead solutions architect at Digital Innovation Labs, Lloyd Banking group. She is a strategic thinker with over fifteen years of international experience in consulting on financial services industry. Sonea has previously worked at Ernst and Young, Deutsche Bank, KPMG and IBM Global services and is also a mentor at Startup bootcamp Fintech.
  8. David Gyori,CEO Banking Reports
    David Gyoriis a globally renowned fintech consultant, trainer, author and keynote speaker. He is the chief executive officer of Banking Reports based in London and is a founding member of the World FinTech Association. Gyori is a faculty member of the Retail Banking Academy, one of the most prestigious banker-training facilities.
  9. Melisa Irene,Partner, East Ventures
    Irene works closely with start-up founders across the region to support venture growth and fund raising, helping the company to successfully close multiple deals fresh out of university. She is the first female partner with the venture capital company and is focusing on helping new founders build Indonesia’s technology ecosystem. Since it was founded in 2009, East Ventures is one of the most active VC firms with 60 companies in Indonesia counting Tokopedia, Traveloka, Mercari, Kudo among its portfolio.
  10. Other CIOs and Chief Innovation Officers

The following are the eight fintech selected to participate at The Asian Banker Beijing Financial Innovation Showcase and Competition 2018:

Submission process and timeline

Submission process
Please note that we have a detailed audit-based questionnaire for selecting the participants for the Financial Innovation Showcase and Competition 2019, and all submissions must be completed and sent to us before the following dates

Please contact Ms Neeti Aggarwal at naggarwal@theasianbanker.com for the submission kit.


Submission deadline: 
Future of Finance, China: 12th July, 2019
Future of Finance, Indonesia: 22nd July, 2019

Should you wish to know more about this programme or if you have any questions, please contact Ms Neeti Aggarwal at naggarwal@theasianbanker.com

The Asian Banker Financial Innovation Showcase and Competition 2019

You may tick one or more of the following categories you may qualify for.



Please provide the contact details of the person we can contact in order to process the information provided in this document.

Contact Details
We will contact shortlisted banks for a detailed interview with the respective business head.
Please provide the contacts of the respective senior executive:

*Important notes:
• The Asian Banker conducts its evaluation on an audit basis for all submissions made. This means that we have a standard set of questions that covers all aspects of the industry in which the business operates, the business’ financial product achievements, operations and specific factors under consideration.

• The Asian Banker will do its own research to discover data that is not provided in the submission. If you do not provide complete data, The Asian Banker will make its own judgement based on third party information which may not be accurate or complementary. It is important to complete this questionnaire to the best of your ability.

• The Asian Banker staff and associates are committed to strict confidentiality and integrity in the evaluation process. All staff and advisors are strictly prohibited from trading in the securities of participating institutions during the evaluation period, and any securities held must be disclosed. All researchers and advisors are not allowed to accept any form of gratuity from the participating institutions at any time.

• All information will be kept strictly private and confidential, and will be used only for the evaluation in this programme and the benchmarking reports to be derived from them.

• If you have any difficulties in completing this document, require additional assistance or would like to make a submission, you may contact Mr Gerald Tai at gtai@theasianbanker.com or +86 010 5869 3447 or Ms Neeti Aggarwal at naggarwal@theasianbanker.com.

• Visit us at www.theasianbanker.com.

Belief Statement

We believe that a potentially successful financial technology company and innovation initiative by financial services provider is the one that has a strong business proposition in solving a real business need, with a potential and ability to bring a fundamental transformation or disruption in the financial services industry and to generate scale across regions. Appropriate financial support from the right investors, as well as having an installed customer or user base are proofs of concept and important evidence that third parties have thoroughly evaluated the proposition and are willing stakeholders. In addition, a robust execution capability, strong people commitment, ability to fund its growth trajectory and the drive and vision of the principle promoters are important consideration to its success.



The Platform


  • Type of business needs met by the solution
  • Key functional features of the solution
  • Number of years since operation
  • #Transaction value
  • #Transaction volumes
  • # and type of emerging technology utilised

Innovation and disruption

  • Extent to which it can potentially disrupt current business models
  • Nature of the problem that it solves
  • # Total registered users
  • Growth in number of users last year
  • Growth in market share
  • # of competitors providing similar service
  • Regulatory accreditions

Scalability and ability/potential to expand across adjacent services


  • Scaled/or plans to scale across adjacent services
  • Ability to expand to different regions and countries
  • Potential size of the market
  • # of countries operating in
  • Types and number of partnerships
  • Ability/potential to connect and integrate seamlessly across online and offline channels




  • Revenue growth in last two financial years %
  • # and types of revenue generating assets/products
  • Total Secured capital/funding support
  • Growth in transactions %
  • Profit making Y/N

Promoters and Management

  • The experience of the founders of the organisation
  • Number of advisors and their experience
  • # Number of employees
  • Experience of key management team