Saturday, 20 July 2024

Tour Overview

Whether you're focused on adopting new technologies or creating new benchmarks for your organisation, The FutureBank Innovation Tour provides unparalleled opportunities to network, exchange innovative ideas and learn from leaders of innovation. It aims to bring more than 80 banks across more than 30 countries to visit and observe the leading innovations taking place in the host country. The annual site visits include tours to banks, telecommunication companies, government agencies, retailers and traditional stores to see how the leading financial service providers and their partner organizations work with each other to secure fierce customer loyalty. Come March 2015, the FutureBank Singapore Innovation Tour will be back for the 3rd year running, serving as the most important meeting point for businesses in Asia who are looking for the best ideas and technology that generates maximum ROI.

Innovation from around the globe

Innovation is a theme that eludes the consumer financial services industry. Leaders in innovation from around the world will gather to share their experience on how to keep abreast of all these rapid developments. The Asian Banker will continue to grow the scope of the programme globally. It is our ambition to establish our presence in all parts of the world to support the sharing of innovations by creating an environment for learning and sharing.

Interactive Programme

The tours are designed to stimulate debate and discussion between attendees. The speaker presents the institution’s innovations, and open discussion ensues! This is a great way to share ideas and experiences with your peers in an interactive setting. Don't miss it!