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27 May 2015, Ritz Carlton DIFC, Dubai

The architecture of global financial market infrastructure is undergoing profound changes and fundamental reforms. The rise and integration of regional economies, shifts in patterns of global trade and investment as well as growing regulatory complianceman dates are some of the keyfactors transforming the pre and post-trading landscape.

The GCC is well positioned as one of the world's fastest growing markets with technological advancements materially impacting the development of its financial market infrastructure. Increasing participation by retail investors, record growth in market capitalisation of select markets and emergence as a separate asset class have all contributed to the unique evolution of GCC’s financial markets.

The roles of regulators is crucial in laying the ground work for stability and growth by creating transparent and responsive regulatory framework that improves the risk management capabilities of financial market institutions that can insulate them from financial shocks.

Key working sessions and dialogues include:

  • Development and growth in the Middle East
  • From frontier to emerging market status

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