Hong Kong Banking Risk Dialogue Agenda
7:30 – 8:00 Registration
08:00 – 11:00 Welcoming Remarks: Foo Boon Ping, Managing Editor, The Asian Banker

Contributions and remarks from:

Alicia Garcia-Herrero, Chief Economist for Emerging Markets, BBVA, will discuss the major threats facing Hong Kong banks, and the status of the world’s financial system after the financial crisis of 2008.

Esther Tan, Senior Research Analyst, The Asian Banker, will be present research and insights on the main market risk that are affecting Asian banks and particularly Hong Kong.

Peter Townson, Head of Consultancy, Experian Decision Analytics, will be discussing strategy management and how it automates and improves the quality and consistency of decisions, and how to use data to predict customer behavior.

Heads of Risk Management Opening Dialogue
Key issues for discussion – Leading Challenges for CROs:

  • Direct and indirect impacts arising from an regional economic slowdown, particularly of that of China, India, Hong Kong and how the West’s crippled economy effects Hong Kong’s banks.
  • Continues outflow of foreign capital and the inadequate supply of local risk managers
  • Increasing exposure to China’s mainland shadow banking issues and the changing landscape of Hong Kong’s banking sector due to Mainland’s
  • Responses to current global regulations: FATCA, Dodd Frank, Basel III
  • Strategy manaagement in a fierce market
Credit and Counterparty Risk:
  • How to use data to drive your decision making processes?
  • Time to accurately access customer affordability due to increased regulatory focus.
  • How segmenting, enriching, and evaluating your data can lower credit and counterparty risk: Understanding and Maximizing Customer Value
Liquidity Risk:
  • How to deal with tougher capital and liquidity standards?
  • Maintaining cost while improving liquidity positions
  • Strengthening liquidity management systems and culture
Market Risk:
  • Portfolio optimization, achieving the optimal portfolio balance, liquidity, capital and profitability
  • Advanced portfolio risk management
  • Potential losses arising from counterparty credit deterioration
Chairman: Foo Boon Ping, Managing Editor, The Asian Banker
Co-Chairman, Rona Morgan, Former Head of Risk Strategy, HSBC

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