Indonesia International Banking Convention 2016

27th July 2016 | Jakarta, Indonesia
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Unlocking the Potential in Indonesia’s Consumer Banking Landscape

Indonesia’s banking industry has enjoyed a steady growth in recent years with compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.9%, and is likely to continue its growth. Several factors are driving the growth such as underpenetrated banking market, large consumer base and the rise of middle income population. State-owned banks still dominate the Indonesian banking industry, however, in recent years, joint ventures and private banks have captured market share by providing additional services and product variety.

Though growing, Indonesian banks are still faced with worries. One of the growing concerns for banks is about is losing points of contact with their customers and being consigned to being a middle office provider of financial services. With the arrival of non-bank players in the retail scene increasing competition in an already stringent landscape, banks need to keep innovating and have a different view in facing their new “frenemy”.

On top of that, customers’ expectations are rising amongst tightening regulatory requirements. In a mobile-enabled world banks are faced with identifying customers accurately though multiple channels and devices, from constantly changing locations and at any time. But On the other end the rapid rise in e-commerce has increased the amount of transactional data at risk of abuse. Businesses that holds vast amount of customer data are particularly attractive targets for cyber criminals and fraudsters .

The Indonesia International Banking Convention is the leading annual conference designed for bankers and financial services professionals to catch the most current trend trends in the industry. The conference brings together international speakers and senior banking executives and regulators to provide world class discussion environment.

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Key working sessions include

  • The journey of digitisation
  • Vulnerabilities of a modern bank and how to keep business safe
  • Data relevance and decision making: Advanced analytics and data management
  • Fintech Innovation

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