India Heads of Risk Roundtable Agenda
February 2014
16:30-17:00 Registration

Welcome Note

Bertrand Pigeon, Senior Research Analyst, The Asian Banker, will present research on the most risky banks in Asia, the risk profiles of Indian banks, explain The Asian Banker 500 Strongest Bank’s key findings.

Chief Economist (Invited) from a reputable international financial institution.

A Senior Indian Regulator (Invited) will be presenting the Reserve Bank of India’s stake on the country’s banking industry and the next step the supervisor is likely to take to improve transparency and compliance from banks.

Proposed Dialogue Agenda:

  • Key global trends affecting India; China, US, Europe.
  • India in the global economy; currency volatility, key industries.
  • Monetary policy and hikes in rates
  • Regulatory trends affecting the Indian banking industry; capital constraints.
  • The state of Indian corporates and their supply chains.
  • India banks rapid asset quality and credit deterioration and credit risk modeling: Current practices and applications.
  • Basel III and capital shortfall
  • Counterparty risk and credit quality of commercial banks
  • Liquidity management; systems and culture.
  • OTC derivatives; Adopted and on the way towards Effective implementation of G20 recommendations

Chairman: Rona Morgan, Former Head of Risk Strategy, HSBC
Co-Chairman: Bertrand Pigeon, Senior Research Analyst, The Asian Banker

19:00 Chairman’s closing remarks

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