Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and IoT – The Coming Revolution in Retail Banking

The constant change of technology landscape, even if it’s personal technology or business technology, has caused an industry that has relied for decades on calculators and balance sheets to dive into the digital age through adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Internet of Things (IoT).

No longer just the objects of fascination in science fiction, robots have started invading the banking industry. Robots and AI have the potential to reduce costs, extend the creative problem-solving capabilities, deliver superior business results, and improve customer experience by working with bank employees. In addition to robotics and AI, there is another factor that is changing the way people do banking in this digital era – the IoT.

Now, with developments of robotics, AI, and IoT, a bigger threat has emerged, known as cyberattacks. Cybercriminals have targeted businesses and governments, pulling off more complex and catastrophic attacks. It is therefore critical that members of the financial industry collaborate to battle this growing threat. Imagine how the future will look when digital machines, information, and processes help humans do their jobs better and faster, with greater impact. Financial institutions need to stay ahead of the game, otherwise be left behind.

Following our innovation tours in the US and China, The Asian Banker proudly brings you another exciting tour, the Japan Innovation Tour.

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Key focus areas:

Robots – Can they replace banking jobs?

Protecting network infrastructures against cyber attacks

Reducing costs in IT and integrating with new technologies

Staying ahead of the game with the Internet of Things

Global Financial Inclusion through next-gent m-Commerce

Enhancing customer experience through Design Thinking

Elements of an innovative culture or ecosystem

Branch innovations and creative working spaces

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