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Korean Banking Risk & Financial Markets Dialogue is in its third year as the largest annual meeting of risk & financial markets practitioners in the financial services industry in South Korea. It is the foremost forum for engaging on global themes and bringing together global thought leaders and industry specialists in risk & financial markets.

This is our annual dialogue event held in Korea. Senior executives from regulators such as Financial Supervisory Services(FSS), all major Korean banks, and many journals and academic fields have been represented. It is held in English & Korean with simultaneous interpretation which ensures that companies have no language issues at all to present their international case studies to the very important decision makers.

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Delegates will now have far more options to engage with the industry, meet up more senior executives from risk and financial markets departments at major banks and also you have more time to interact with other attendees regarding risk and financial markets issues.

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For delegate registration and enquiries please contact: 
Ms Rachel Park
Manager, Business Development 
Tel: (+65) 6236 6518


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