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The Asian Banker Live aims to enhance understanding of the finance industry in Asia by bringing together interested players to examine current, critical issues through a discussion facilitated by visual and web-based platforms.

Through the use of interactive technology, participants do not have to take time out from their crowded schedules or leave the comfort of their own desks.

  • The video consultation is an interview with key decision makers such as policymakers, academics, and bank CEOs.
  • The web-based consultation consists of 2–3 panelists from the industry, and one moderator.
  • To kick off the hour-long web consultation, the panelists will individually set out their perspectives in a short, 10-minute talk.
  • Following the presentations, the rest of the web consultation is dedicated to discussion between the panelists, with input and questions from the attendees tuned in to the consultation.
  • Attendance in a web-based consultation is capped at 50 industry professionals.
  • Access to the audio and slides of the web and video consultations will be made available via The Asian Banker website.