Addressing challenges faced by Chinese banks amidst financial reforms and rapid growth

6 August 2014, Shanghai, China

The Asian Banker and Shanghai Banking Association organises annual risk management dialogues with global personalities. It is a platform for key players in China’s banking industry to review the evolving risk management landscape and discuss banks’ progress in their implementation of CBRC and Basel 3 requirements to meet the safest capital adequacy and liquidity standards. The key players include CROs, heads of risk, compliance officers and international best practice leaders.

This year’s personality will focus on efficacy of the internal model approach in capital adequacy determination. The Chinese banking industry is under pressure through a strengthened regulatory framework, as standards mandated by the CBRC have been tightened to levels greater than those recommended by the Basel Committee. After the liquidity crunch of June 2013, bank books have come under enhanced examination and scrutiny. The volume of off-balance sheet activities has the potential for adversely impacting bank operational sustainability during periods of extreme market stress. This conversation with the international community is designed to enable Chinese decision makers to discuss and form a composite view of possible solutions to the pressing issues they face.

This dialogue will also provide partner organizations, including financial institutions, consulting firms and technology providers an opportunity to interact with decision makers who are at the forefront of developing enterprise level risk infrastructure for Chinese banks.

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