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About the Summit

Retaking the Future of Finance

Into its 16th year, The Asian Banker Summit now returns to Hong Kong after four years. Asia has not only become a testing ground for financial liberalization, but has stood fast against financial highs and lows of the past. Despite that, are the voices from the Asian corridor taken seriously?  read more...

The Risk Games Convention
14-16 April 2015

Every banker is a risk manager

The Risk Games Convention is a revolutionary format designed to help risk management professionals in Asian commercial banks rehearse in detail the different possible scenarios they will be confronted with in 2015-2016 and achieve stronger decision making skills. read more...

The Financial Markets Infrastructure Conference
15-16 April 2015

Transparency and liquidity: assessing Asian financial markets

The world of financial markets is undergoing profound changes and fundamental reforms. With the rise of stringent regulations governing OTC derivatives markets, high-frequency trading and off-exchange values from US and Europe, the Asian markets have begun to realize the enormity of new measures. read more...

The International Transaction Banking Convention
15-16 April 2015

Exploring the rise of the regional players

Opportunities are rising from the liberalization of emerging markets, with which a great deal of demand has been released in recent deregulation. However, alerts start showing up that there might not be enough attention paid to the risks hidden in this fascinating revolution. read more...

The Supply Chain & Financial Performance Conference
15-16 April 2015

Directions on the modern silk road

While a good supply chain can positively impact the financial bottom line of businesses, increasing the resilience of supply chains could compromise cost-efficiency. Keeping costs low while reducing supply chain risks through improving resilience is the challenge for supply chain professionals.  read more...

The Technology Decision Makers School
14 April 2015

Every year, The Asian Banker takes few important themes that we feel are rapidly transforming the financial services industry, from a technology perspective. We bring the best academicians and industry practitioners to conduct the one-day school and help decision makers to think through issues they are facing.  read more...

The Technology Decision Makers Conference
15-16 April 2015

Embracing the digital discipline

As economies around the world regain confidence, the financial services industry is witnessing the rise of some of the most exciting and disruptive innovations within and outside of the traditional banking sector. Banks in emerging economies display great ambition to become leaders in innovation.   read more...


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