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Retaking the Future of Finance

After the global financial crisis of 2008, financial experts around the world have busied themselves attempting to avoid a repeat occurrence. The financial system of the time was inherently flawed with lax regulation, poor risk management, inadequate infrastructure and unbridled and misleading sales. The task faced by experts today is huge. Not only must they correctly identify the faults of the past, but also devise mechanisms for a truly sustainable financial environment of the future.

The past few years has seen an over-emphasis on regulation with a stricter compliance regime to offset another crisis. Complementing this has been a drive in innovation and out-of-box thinking, creating a mix of traditional and non-traditional remedies. Is the industry making full use of its potential to address shortcomings of the past? Is it heading in the right direction to tackle challenges of the future? The answers to these questions will shape the way forward.

It is time to pause, reflect and reset the agenda to ensure that the financial industry grows in a sustainable environment. It must support a real economy instead of work based on speculative activities that inflate credit or develop asset bubbles. It must actively involve itself in supporting corporates that make and sell goods, or provide services, by supporting the financial supply chain.

The Asian factor has undoubtedly drastically impacted the future of finance. The rise of China has been a defining factor in changing dynamics. The formation and renewal of regional financial institutions across Asia is working as a counterweight to the rest of the world. While this is happening, Asia is at the same time waking up to its own problems; it is not only resilient to change and adjustment, but also committed to devising indigenous solutions for its unique problems. To create a sustainable financial architecture for the future, the voices from Asian corridor must be taken seriously.

Faced with this scenario, The Asian Banker Summit now returns to Hong Kong after four years. The region has not only become a testing ground for financial liberalization, but has stood fast against financial highs and lows of the past.

One Summit, several conferences

Into its 16thThe Asian Banker Summit includes several conferences and workshops in one, catering to bankers, corporates, broker-dealers, treasurers and regulators. These include:

  • The Risk Games Convention
  • Technology Decision Makers School and Conference
  • The International Transaction Banking Convention
  • The Supply Chain Programme
  • The Financial Markets Conference

Each of the conferences and dialogues will feature discussions and presentations by global thought leaders and subject matter experts. Delegates will participate in interactive panel discussions with topics ranging from banking regulations and technology trends to changes in market initiatives and financial supply chain. Furthermore, with the training workshops and working sessions, delegates will have the opportunity of a hands-on experience to sharpen instincts in their areas of expertise.


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