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Supporting transformation in your institution – Assessing trends and innovations
For this year’s event, The Asian Banker chose six topics that we believe are central to understanding ongoing transformations taking place in banking technology and make them the focus of this one-day school. This is the right place to discuss forthcoming developments and day-to-day issues with excellent subject matter experts and renowned academicians.

This year the key topics of discussion will be:

  • Vendor selection and management
  • Social media involvement of financial institutions
  • Advanced data and analytics
  • Cybercrime and other security threats
  • Collaboration with start-ups
  • Transformation processes within organisations

As economies around the world regain confidence, the financial services industry is witnessing the rise of some of the most exciting and disruptive innovations within and outside of the traditional banking sector. To profit from these trends, financial institutions continue to invest in new technologies, research centres and start-ups. In this scenario, banks will need highly skilled executives who can make the right choices when it comes to technology.

The Asian Banker is pleased to invite technology professionals as well as retail and consumer banking executives from financial institutions to this school. The workshop will provide participants with a better understanding of the key challenges and explain the framework of technological innovations.

Delegates attending this one-day training session will gain complimentary access to the two-day Technology Decision Makers Conference, the most influential annual forum that brings together business and technology decision makers to benchmark technology choices and spending.

Key Objectives of the Technology Decision Makers School

  • Understanding key components of vendor selection
  • Improving your bank’s social media performance
  • Optimizing the use of data analytics and business intelligence
  • Creating awareness of cybercrime and other security risks
  • Learning about start-ups and how they can collaborate with your institution
  • Learning to successfully execute change within an organization

The Technology Decision Makers School Agenda

 14 April 2015, Tuesday

08:30-09:00 Registration
09:00-10:00 Opening session: Vendor selection

  • Identifying key components of vendor analysis and selection
  • The Asian Banker’s selection methodology and implementation
  • Accessing vendor PML
10:00-10:30 Coffee/Tea Break
10:30-11:30 How to get the bank’s social media involvement right?

  • When and where should a bank be engaged in social media?
  • Communicating with Generation Y and Z
  • Successful strategies and best practices
11:30-12:30 Advanced data analytics and business intelligence

  • Channelling fast amounts of data into actionable business insights
  • Agile analytics
  • Coping with increased pressure and requirements from the regulatory side
12:30-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-14:30 Security and awareness training

  • The weakest link in the security of a bank are its employees
  • Identifying suspicious activities
  • Minimizing threats from in- and outside of the organization
14:30-15:00 Coffee/Tea Break
15:00-16:00 Taking a look into the start-up cosmos

  • How do banks organize innovation?
  • Successful cooperation models between banks and start-ups
  • What’s the latest out there and which innovations are to be expected?
16:00-17:00 Organizing change in your organization

  • Best strategies to introduce change to your organization
  • What are the pain points while going through times of transition?
  • The psychology behind change

Delegates attending this one-day training session will gain complimentary access to the two-day Technology Decision Makers Conference

For more information please contact Gerlinde Gerber
Program Manager, The Asian Banker ggerber@theasianbanker.com, +86 10 5869 4642

  • Board-level and senior management involved in technology decisions in the bank
  • CIOs, CTOs, CMOs
  • Heads of technology, infrastructure, channels, digital, cards
  • Heads of retail banking, consumer banking, marketing, data and analytics
  • Senior executives responsible for transformation and innovation
  • Executives who have roles in technology and operations

Participants will be presented with a Technology Innovation School Diploma issued by The Asian Banker’s Banking Academy.


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