Korean banks today face tougher regulatory constraints as well as the public’s distrust

The Asian Banker’s Korea Risk Dialogue is an ongoing series of conversations between key players in Korea’s banking industry to regularly review changes to the risk management landscape and discuss banks’ progress in their risk management capabilities. The key players include CROs, risk managers, IT heads, regulators and international best practice leaders.

The Korean banking industry has been shaken by a series of regulatory lapses by major banks which resulted in record of numbers of bank officials being disciplined by the regulator since the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis.

To exacerbate the tightening interest margin environment, Bank of Korea is also implementing capital buffer requirements this will severely impact banks’ growth and profitability in the coming year. This conversation with the international community is designed to enable Korean decision makers to discuss and form a composite view of possible solutions to these pressing issues that they face.

The dialogue is a half day forum, comprising four sessions, focusing broadly on the following key risk management issues faced by Korea’s banking industry:

  • Regulatory Priorities and Banking Trends for Korea in 2014-2015
  • Recent Developments in US Financial Crime Enforcement and Implications for Asia
  • Assessing Korean Priorities in Market Risks and the Trading Book
  • Approaches to Liquidity Management and Balance Sheet Optimisation
  • A new OTC landscape: Challenges and Prospects
  • Basel III and the Operational Risk Transformation

This dialogue will also provide partner organizations, including financial institutions, consulting firms and technology providers an opportunity to interact with decision makers who are at the forefront of developing enterprise level risk infrastructure for Korean banks.

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