The Future of Finance, China

3 August 2017 | Beijing, China


New Tech and New Finance

According to survey reports published by an advisory body in 2017, 87% of China’s traditional financial payment companies sense the pressures from digital financial enterprises; 68% of the traditional financial institutions will strengthen their cooperations with fintech companies in the next three to five years. These two simple data on the one hand illustrate China’s vigorous technology developments, on the other hand reflect that technologies and financial industry will be more closely integrated.

It is no exaggeration to say that the great improvement of global science and technology in the past two years has brought a new look to the financial industry in various countries. And China, because of its huge population base and people's welcome to mobile technology, is experiencing an unprecedented financial industry reform. Some even say that the future of financial technology is in China. Whether this kind of prediction proves true, this year shall be a critical moment to focus on fintech and cutting-edge innovations.

This year onwards, the “China International Banking Convention”, hosted by The Asian Banker, will be rebranded as “the Future of Finance, China”. Concentrations will be expanded beyond banking industry - topics related to all finance instruments will be involved. We believe that the increasing invention of technology should be a good starting point we draw outline of the future of finance.

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Key issues to be covered

  • Banking reforms with further usage of fintech
  • Banks input and output on technologies
  • Customer experience upgrade with more applications of big data and cloud, new cyber security issues followed with that
  • Diversification of wealth management platforms, and its influence on traditional finance
  • High profile innovations – Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Blockchain
  • Formation of future finance

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