Finance China 2019

25th July 2019, Beijing, China




Opening Keynote

Guy Verhofstadt- Former Prime Minister of Belgium

Leadership Dialogue: Building financial openness and inclusivity in China  

In line with the latest data, growth is weakening and uncertainties are increasing both globally and domestically. However, China pledges to expand financial market opening and to accelerate the pace of innovation and disruption. How can industry players collaborate to utilise fintech in order to facilitate a healthy financial ecosystem and maintain sustainable economic growth in an uncertain international environment?

  • The impact of the US-China trade dispute
  • The next step for China’s financial services industry in an era of downward pressure weighing on the economy
  • The impact of financial institutions with further opening-up of China’s financial markets
  • A healthy financial ecosystem driven by technology innovation

Speakers/Panellists include:

  • Guy Verhofstadt, Former Prime Minister of Belgium
  • Li Yan, Deputy Director, Beijing Local Financial Supervision and Administration
  • Zhang Jun, Dean, School of Economics, Fudan University
  • Jonathan Larsen, Chief Innovation Officer, Ping An Group; Chairman & CEO, Global Voyager Fund

Session chaired by Emmanuel Daniel, Chairman, The Asian Banker


Tea/ Coffee Break


Creating a commercially sustainable system for financial inclusion

The widespread adoption of mobile services and digital channels has helped to expand financial services to unbanked and underbanked individuals, rural farmers, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) which had previously been largely overlooked. In this session, we will discuss the products and services being commercially developed to better balance the system.

  • Standardise and improve rural financial services
  • Easing the financing woes of private enterprises and start-ups to better service the real economy
  • The role of digital technology in expanding financial inclusion
Invited Speakers/Panelists include:
  • Senior Representative from Zhongan Technology
  • Senior Representative from Webank
  • Senior Representative from Postal Savings Bank of China

Chaired by Richard Hartung, International Resource Director, The Asian Banker




The breakthrough of disruptive technologies
China’s financial services industry is evolving rapidly with new trends and new technologies emerging in the market that are set to profoundly change the future landscape. We will look ahead to the upcoming and potential applications of these pioneering technologies in the financial services industry.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) in Finance
  • Cloud computing and big data
  • The next step for blockchain
  • Managing the challenge of data security in the digital age; instances of data breaches and how they were addressed
  • Case studies: The application of technologies in credit assessment, anti-fraud and rick management
Invited Speakers/Panelists include:
  • Caoyang ,Director, SenseTime
  • Senior Representative from
  • Senior Representative from Lexin

Session chaired by Foo Boon Ping , Managing Editor, The Asian Banker


Key findings from The Asian Banker Retail & Technology Awards Programme

Our research team will present key trends and findings from the 2019 awards programme for China and highlight outstanding achievements and trends.

  • Awards programme: Process, methodology and scorecards
  • Overview of the retail financial services industry in China
  • Key findings and best practices


Tea / Coffee Break


Opportunities and challenges of cross-border trade financing while China is further opening up its capital markets
In an environment of slowing growth and volatile global financial conditions, the downward pressure on China’s exports and imports, the unveiling of the plan for China’s Greater Bay Area, and the Belt and Road Initiative is entering a new phase of full implementation. What are the opportunities and challenges for cross-border investment and financing service?

  • The progress of RMB internationalisation
  • The implications for trade finance banking due to the escalating dispute
  • Shanghai-London Stock Connect

Invited Speakers/Panelists include:

  • John Gong, Professor of Economics, University of International Business and Economics
  • Senior Representative from China Construction Bank
  • Senior Representative from Shanghai Stock Exchange

Session Chaired by Richard Hartung, International Resource Director, The Asian Banker


The Power of Change
As a key disruptive technology, AI has already provided us with innumerable surprises and expectations. In June, China marked a major milestone having granted 5G to deploy and popularize 5G. Which industry will be the first to be disrupted and most transformed? How will these technologies reshape people’s lives, economic opportunities, and even global political structures? How can China’s enterprises lead this revolution and be better connected with global partners? A new era is coming……

  • Artificial intelligence versus human intelligence
  • Future life with 5G
  • Global expansion and investment of Chinese enterprises
Invited Speakers/Panelists include:
  • Zhang Jun,Dean, School of Economics, Fudan University
  • Zhu Baifan,General Manager , FSG Strategic Cooperation Department, Duxiaoman

Session co-chaired by John Gong ,Professor of Economics, University of International Business and Economics and Foo Boon Ping ,Managing Editor, The Asian Banker


End of conference

*Please note that this is a working agenda and topics and speakers are subject to change.

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