Calendar of Events

January 2018
Bitcoin for Professionals - Introduction to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cryptocurrency
26 January 2018 | Singapore
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The workshop will provide an in-depth primer to everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies and how you can leverage on them for your business.

March 2018
Malaysia Innovation Tour
19 - 22 March 201819 March 2018 | Malaysia
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Digital Finance 2018
22 March 2018 | Malaysia
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The annual Excellence in Retail Financial Services Innovation Convention is a event for retail bankers to keep abreast with the latest trends and strategies to respond to changing customer behaviour. This year, the event will take place in Japan, Asia’s most renowned financial hub and a leader in innovation and customer engagement.

April 2018
The Future of Finance, West Africa
18 April 2018 | Nigeria
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West Africa’s retail banking industry is growing at a rapid pace, with competition becoming more prevalent in the retail banking and SME space which was once largely underserved. The dialogue will bring together an advisory panel from other parts of the world who will contribute their own insights into the experiences of leading decision makers in the region. 

The Future of Finance, Middle East & Africa
25 - 26 April 201825 April 2018 | UAE
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The Future of Finance, Middle East & Africa is an ongoing and annual series of conversations amongst senior bankers in the Middle East and Africa on changes to the global and regional retail banking industry – from competitive market conditions to the shifting regulatory landscape and advancements in technology – and how banks are meeting these challenges.

May 2018
Beijing Innovation Tour
21 - 23 May 201821 May 2018 | China
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The Future of Finance Summit
23 - 25 May 201823 May 2018 | China
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The Future of Finance Summit (formerly The Asian Banker Summit), is an all-inclusive annual jamboree, which brings together global thought leaders, senior industry practitioners, and more than 1,000 bankers, fintech players, asset managers, investors, and customers to discuss the transformations shaping the financial services industry. The FoF Summit includes five specialised conferences and a one-day Customers and Partners-focused event to help small businesses and entrepreneurs understand how the business of creating wealth is changing.

June 2018
Taiwan Awards Briefing & Lunch
28 June 2018 | Taiwan
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The Asian Banker’s Taiwan Awards is the most rigorous, prestigious and transparent awards programme for consumer banking in Taiwan