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The Asian Banker aims to promote the development of the finance industry in Asia by bringing together interested players to examine and discuss the most critical issues of the moment, without having to take time out from their crowded schedule or leave the comfort of their own desks!!

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02 August 2017

Singapore introduces initiatives to boost banks' role in payments and expansion into non-financial businesses
At the 44th Annual Dinner of The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS), Minister for Finance, Heng Swee Keat, and outgoing chairman of ABS and CEO of UOB, Wee Ee Cheong, announced three key initiatives that will ensure that banks continue to dominate digital payments and expand into e-commerce and online based non-financial businesses in the island state.
26 July 2017

Engineering smarter cities and fintech through collaboration
David Shrier, managing director of MIT Connection Science and Engineering, shares several major trends and technologies that are disrupting financial services today during The Future of Finance, Middle East and Africa 2017 in Dubai, UAE.
24 July 2017

Eureeca's Quawasmi: "Liquidity will be the new catalyst for the equity crowdfunding industry"
Sam Quawasmi, co-founder and managing director of, sheds light on what the equity crowdfunding platform is about, how it delivers its products to investors, and how it is different from its competitors in the market.
17 July 2017

Markets disrupted: Financial crises and the Trump dilemma
In a highly engaging session during The Future of Finance Summit 2017 in Singapore, Barney Frank, former US congressman and co-author of Dodd-Frank Act; Michael Syn, executive vice president, head of derivatives, Singapore Exchange; and Geoffrey Heenan, International Monetary Fund representative, South East Asia, joined Sam Ahmed, international resource director of The Asian Banker, in discussing what happened behind the scenes of the 2008/09 financial crises and how Trump policies may impact global markets, particularly in Asia.
26 June 2017

How effective is ADCB's uBank branch in creating the digital banking experience for customers?
Foo Boon Ping, managing editor of The Asian Banker, takes a tour of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank's new concept uBank outlet to experience its take on the future of branch banking
16 June 2017

Making sense of the future of finance
Emmanuel Daniel, chairman of The Asian Banker, in his welcome speech at The Future of Finance Summit 2017, challenges the role of traditional financial institutions in defining the future of finance, how in tracking this evolution The Asian Banker Summit has had to be reconstituted into the new format Summit and how, as the first to do so, it will be the forum where the conversations to shape the future of the industry will take place.
14 June 2017

Bizfi's Donovan: "The company is about 70% balance sheet and 30% marketplace"
John Donovan, chief executive officer of Bizfi, discusses the company's evolution from being a balance sheet lender, how it currently works, and how it has automated its documentation processes.
14 June 2017

Whither now US banking regulation and innovation bound?
Barney Frank, former US Congressman, chairman of House Financial Services Committee and co-author of the Financial Reform Act, in his opening keynote speech at The Asian Banker Future of Finance Summit 2017, argues that there will be no fundamental changes to the structure of the Act, a more relaxed attitude to possible systemic problems in alternative forms of lending (peer-to-peer) and states wanting a more active role in regulating state-chartered banks.
06 June 2017

A look at Emirates NBD's attempt to shape the future of banking
Foo Boon Ping, managing editor of The Asian Banker, brings viewers on a tour of Emirates NBD's new "Branch of the Future" and its three distinct zones; Future Banking, Digital Banking, and Advisory Banking that showcase some of the latest innovations in digital technologies and human centred designs.
01 June 2017

"Japanese retailers are very focused on trying to keep the money within their own ecosystem"
Emmanuel Daniel, chairman of The Asian Banker, and one of its international resource directors, Matt Dooley, discuss their insights on fintech developments in Japan and how the local culture is helping propel a unique fintech ecosystem in the country.
22 May 2017

Digital-only banks: What does it take to be profitable?
Roberto Ferrari, chief digital and information officer of Mediobanca group and former general manager of CheBanca, the first digital-only bank in Italy and one of the pioneers in Europe, discusses its establishment during the height of the global and European financial crises, its business model and multi-channel approach, as well as the challenges of achieving longer term profitability.
18 May 2017

Enough of experts: Truth, credibility and the academy in a post-truth age
In a wide ranging discussion organised by the University of London and the British Council, and chaired by Adrian Smith, vice chancellor of University of London that comprised Richard Dearlove, chair of the university’s board of trustees, Mary Stiasny, its pro-vice-chancellor, Bob O’Keefe, vice principal of the affiliated Royal Holloway University and Emmanuel Daniel, chairman of The Asian Banker, the panel discussed the role of experts, the academia and the definition of truth in an environment where access to any form of information is being increasingly democraticised.
16 May 2017

BTCC's Lee: "We are going to expand Moby and make it truly global"
Bobby Lee, chief executive officer of BTCC, shares the developments happening in its bitcoin business and how the company maintains a good relationship with Chinese regulators.
12 May 2017

Dateline Bahrain: How will Bahrain succeed in creating a hub for fintech in the Middle East
The Asian Banker spoke to a wide range of industry players to explore the potential of Bahrain to becoming a leading fintech hub in the Middle East region, to understand the strategy behind the ambition, the opportunities it faces and the challenges that it has to overcome.
27 April 2017

"We need to change the way we assess the best retail bank in the future"
In his welcome speech during the Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards Dinner programme in Tokyo, Japan, Emmanuel Daniel shares his views on the changes happening within the financial services industry, as well as how banks should be assessed today by considering the relevance of the customers and the impact of new technologies.
25 April 2017

"There is no clear industry leader"
Genki Oka, head of Japan at Ant Financial Services Group, shares his desire to be an ambassador of the Chinese e-commerce giant in Japan and why he feels that it can succeed in the famously tough Japanese consumer market
19 April 2017

Rethinking core banking in a cloud world
Rana Peries, director for digital and innovation at Barclays; Alfian Sharifuddin, head of technology and operations at DBS India; and Eugene Danilkis, chief executive officer, Mambu, discuss how banks are leveraging cloud computing and open banking architecture to overcome the limitations of traditional monolithic core banking systems
11 April 2017

"It is not a fear that the marketplace lending model does not work. It is really a diversification"
Rob Suber, founder of Prosper Marketplace, discusses the evolution of the online marketplace lending business, how it is converging with the banking industry and explains why players are moving away from the original peer-to-peer ideals.
10 April 2017

"In China, it is about building an infrastructure that did not exist before"
Soul Htite, an original co-founder of Lending Club and now the founder of Dianrong, a marketplace lending platform in China, compares the development of peer-to-peer lending between the US and China, and reveal plans for a new supply chain financing platform in the country.
13 March 2017

"Singapore – Finance as a lack of the imagination"
“Emmanuel Daniel, founder of The Asian Banker, in a rather straightforward speech to the heads of technology of banks in Singapore outlined why the fintech phenomenon in Singapore is not in any danger of any breakthrough that is innovative or transformational and why Singapore banks cannot afford to be concerned more with themselves than with their customers.”