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The Asian Banker aims to promote the development of the finance industry in Asia by bringing together interested players to examine and discuss the most critical issues of the moment, without having to take time out from their crowded schedule or leave the comfort of their own desks!!

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19 April 2017

Rethinking core banking in a cloud world
Rana Peries, director for digital and innovation at Barclays; Alfian Sharifuddin, head of technology and operations at DBS India; and Eugene Danilkis, chief executive officer, Mambu, discuss how banks are leveraging cloud computing and open banking architecture to overcome the limitations of traditional monolithic core banking systems
11 April 2017

"It is not a fear that the marketplace lending model does not work. It is really a diversification"
Rob Suber, founder of Prosper Marketplace, discusses the evolution of the online marketplace lending business, how it is converging with the banking industry and explains why players are moving away from the original peer-to-peer ideals.
10 April 2017

"In China, it is about building an infrastructure that did not exist before"
Soul Htite, an original co-founder of Lending Club and now the founder of Dianrong, a marketplace lending platform in China, compares the development of peer-to-peer lending between the US and China, and reveal plans for a new supply chain financing platform in the country.
13 March 2017

"Singapore – Finance as a lack of the imagination"
“Emmanuel Daniel, founder of The Asian Banker, in a rather straightforward speech to the heads of technology of banks in Singapore outlined why the fintech phenomenon in Singapore is not in any danger of any breakthrough that is innovative or transformational and why Singapore banks cannot afford to be concerned more with themselves than with their customers.”
09 March 2017

"The companies that are making a huge impact aren't the first one with the idea"
Mark Zawacki, founder of Silicon Valley based fintech accelerator 650 Labs, discusses the latest developments and technology trends in the fintech space.
28 February 2017

"Eleven Key trends that will shape bank technology in 2017"
Chris Skinner, author and fintech commentator,, discusses the 11 key trends that will shape bank technology in 2017.
16 January 2017

Another gloomy year ahead?
2016 was a challenging year for financial institutions. The prospect of worsening global trade relations became more apparent following UK’s Brexit vote, and the victory of US president-elect Donald Trump. What is the outlook for Asia Pacific's banking industry amid much volatility and increasing uncertainties over the global geo-political landscape?
12 January 2017

Briefing on the China Innovation Tour 2016: What we learnt from the digital disruptors in China
Matt Dooley, founder and managing director, Connected Thinking and Foo Boon Ping, managing editor, The Asian Banker summarise the key insights gained from leading institutions that delegates visited during the China Innovation Tour 2016 from November 21 to 25, 2016.
22 December 2016

Do Chinese banks have real private banking businesses?
Foo Boon Ping, managing editor of The Asian Banker, shares the key themes from the inaugural Private Banking and Wealth Management Awards programme at the China Private Wealth Dialogue in Beijing.
20 December 2016

Briefing on Global Offshore RMB Asset Ranking: Maintaining momentum amid market turmoil
The annual assessment and ranking of leading financial institutions that develop and launch offshore RMB financial assets aimed at promoting the international use of the currency.
08 December 2016

Imagining "The Future Bank" India: Winning strategies in an evolving market
Emerging new competition, changing customer expectations, and reduced profitability are forcing banks in India to revisit their strategic business and operating models. In a changing market paradigm, what are the key strategies and success factors that will drive the future growth of Indian banks.
05 December 2016

Creating an integrated market where banks collaborate with each other for customers’ needs
The heads of transaction banking from a number of leading banks in Asia Pacific – Deutsche Bank, BDO Unibank, PT Bank Mandiri, Maybank, China Merchants Bank and Canadia Bank - share their views on key developments that are transforming the industry and their businesses.
02 December 2016

Radio Finance: "We are just getting through the first era of fintech"
Lawrence Wintermeyer, chief executive officer of Innovate Finance, an independent not-for-profit membership association representing UK's global fintech community, speaks about the future of the financial technology ecosystem.
30 November 2016

Radio Finance: "We are a blockchain agnostic"
Jesse Chenard, founder and chief executive officer of MonetaGo, believes that collaboration and not competition between players will drive the success of blockchain technology.
27 October 2016

“We aim to reduce friction in the buying experience”
Betty DeVita, chief commercial officer of MasterCard Labs, shares the company’s key initiatives and priorities for 2017.
07 October 2016

The Philippine banking system is well positioned to face the challenges ahead
Nestor A. Espenilla, Jr., deputy governor, supervision and examination of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, delivers the opening keynote speech at the Philippine International Banking Convention 2016. He emphasises the importance of financial stability and effective banking regulation as a solid platform to build value chain resilience in the region.
05 July 2016

Managing IFRS 9 expected credit losses and forecast uncertainty
As financial institutions are currently focusing on the execution of their IFRS 9 program and solution integration, risk and finance teams are working together to anticipate their effect on the financial reports.
30 June 2016

Brexit – impact and implications for the global banking and financial industry
The impossible has happened. Britain has decided to part ways with Europe. After the initial shocks, what does it mean for the global banking and financial industry?
08 June 2016

Securing SWIFT and global payments transactions—key issues
The cyber hacking and illegal money transfer incident that involved the central bank of Bangladesh brings up serious questions about data and network security as well as the effectiveness of anti-money laundering compliance measures.