Thinking Global, Acting Local


Thinking Global, Acting Local

Living in an age of instant global connection via the internet, the international community has become increasingly vulnerable. Simple distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks can take entire cities offline and hackers can use ransomware to hold company data hostage. Security risks become increasingly varied and dispersed, ranging from data leaks to disgruntled employees. Multi-national corporations must manage complex networks of service providers and third-party suppliers leaving many companies struggling to maintain vigilance and end-to-end visibility across the service delivery chain. In this conference we will discuss the various challenges and evaluate international and local best practice cases.

Key focus areas:


Arming ourselves against advanced adversaries in a fully integrated world


Cybercrime - Protecting your company’s data


Risk control - Managing consequences instead of vulnerabilities


Digital Identity - Exploring the new capabilities of biometric identification


Workshop: Cyber incident simulations

Cybersecurity - Conference and Workshop & Leadership in Digital - Thursday 8 June 2017


Registration and Morning networking


Welcome and Opening Keynotes

Preparing for the new players in the Future of Finance
The co-author of the landmark Dodd-Frank Act that put in place the structure to govern the excesses of the 2000s outlines how the same legislation will put in place the rules by which the financial services industry can tackle the future without losing sight of its calling.
Barney Frank, Chairman of the US Congress Banking Sub-Committee during the heart of the 2008 crisis and co-author of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Frontiers of Financial Technology
The recent breakthroughs by Google, Apple, Amazon and other players in making Artificial Intelligence (AI) more available on their platforms and across platforms is taking data and devices to the next level, after mobility. It bring together more insights into the data is innovation catalyst and leading expert on FinTech is exploring several major trends and technologies that are disrupting financial services today and will present his thoughts about how to stimulate regional innovation and build a supportive ecosystem that fosters start-ups
David Shrier, Founder and New Ventures, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

My Journey in the Revolution Shaping Finance
The founder of one of the world’s first peer-to-peer lending platforms more than 10 years ago built his model without any contemporary to learn from. Today he is building an integrated wealth management model with the data and intimacy he is creating with customers Tang shares his insights as a leader, giving a snapshot of the current landscape and envisaging the potential or inevitable changes, and anticipates where the opportunities lie ahead.
Tang Ning, founder and CEO, CreditEase, one of the world’s largest marketplace lender and now an increasingly powerful wealth manager with a strong network covering 255 cities across China, as well as a worldwide network covering Asia, Israel, Europe and North America.

Leadership Dialogue on “How We Are Changing the World of Finance”
The speakers will be joined by a forward looking panel to try and construct how the industry is coming together in response to the inevitable changes in the world of finance. They will discuss the key influencers and factors in driving the revolution.

Panellists include:

  • Barney Frank, Former congressman, co-author of Dodd-Frank Act
  • Tang Ning, Founder and CEO, CreditEase
  • David Shrier, Founder and New Ventures, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • R Vivekanand, VP & Co-Head, TCS Financial Solutions
Chaired by Emmanuel Daniel, Chairman & co-chaired by Gordian Gaeta, International Resource Director, The Asian Banker


Networking coffee break


Cybersecurity - Thinking Global, Acting Local

Leadership in the Digital Economy


International Keynote Presentation: Dr. Marco Gercke, Director, Cybercrime Research Institute

The Future of Banking – Between the Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and the Challenges of Cyber Threats
Prof. Dr. Marco Gercke is an international expert in the field of cybersecurity and cybercrime will provide an outlook about the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and how new technologies can in the future help to fight against cybercrime and fraud.

Panel Discussion:
A Holistic Approach to Cyber Security

Today more and more of our critical infrastructure is connected to the internet, including power grids, nuclear power plants and traffic control systems. With a growing reliance and utilization of consumer & commercial data, social media, autonomous cars and an exponentially increasing market of IoT devices, how can we best prepare and defend against the next-generation of cyber attacks?

  • Managing the effects of digitisation for risk exposure and security
  • Artificial Intelligence, Big Data analytics and other cutting edge technologies to combat cyber risks
  • Securing the crown jewels: Focus on data protection and recovery strategies

Invited speakers/panellists:

  • Dr. Marco Gercke, Director, Cybercrime Research Institute
  • Amar Singh, CEO & Founder, Cyber Management Alliance
  • Keith Furst, Founder, Data Derivatives
  • Ka-Wei Yuen, CISO APAC Manager, Deutsche Bank

Session chaired by Gary Heatherington, International Resource Director, The Asian Banker

The Integration of Finance and Payments into Business, Government and Society
This broad ranging session stakes out the converging forces transforming the financialsectorand the implications on hard business decisions and societal values.

  • What are the driving forces behind the increasing interconnection between finance, business, society and government?
  • What are the top of the mind concerns for traditional financial institutions with more players sharing the lunch in providing financial services to society?
  • How financial technology aims to create seamless transactions and supply chain in the workings of the government, business and society?

Speakers/Panellists include:

  • With a keynote speech from Slava Solodkiy, Managing Partner, Life.SREDA
  • Cathy Lemieux, EVP, Supervision and Regulation, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • Suhail Amar Suresh, Group CTO, Maybank
  • Gitesh Athavale, SVP & GM, MatchMove Pay
  • Nizam Ismail, Head, Regulatory Practice, RHTLaw & Fellow, SIM University
Chaired by Richard Hartung, International Resource Director, The Asian Banker


The Illusion of Secure and Safe IT Systems Has Been Shattered. What Now? What Next?
This session will present case studies about recent incidents and what lessons were learned. We will also discuss current schemes, tactics and technologies used by criminals as well as future trends in the threat landscape.

  • Assessing risks emanating from North Korea
  • Cross border transaction and payment fraud
  • ATM fraud and other schemes
  • Recognizing identifiers and triggers of corporate espionage and insider threats
  • The dark web and the new dark web: social media

Invited speakers/panellists:

  • Zachary Delecki, Assistant Legal Attache and Cyber Security Practitioner, United States Embassy Singapore
  • Kunal Sehgal, APAC Head of Information Security & IT Risk, Schroders
  • Alan Seow, Cyber Security Practitioner, Singapore
  • Yujiro Hayashi, Senior Architect, Future Architect
Session chaired by David Gyori, CEO, Banking Reports

Prioritising New Operations and Business Models in an Industry Disintegrated by Technology
As the whole spectrum of financial services are adapting to digitalization and technology, we are seeing more integrating moves by the players to work together in a way that they mutually co-exist. This session looks at the big picture of what is happening in the ecosystem.

  • What are the key priorities for both traditional and alternative sectors in order to stay relevant?
  • What are some of the new business models in payments, loans, and transactions that are emerging as the future direction that the industry should be heading towards?
  • How do we ensure interoperability between the different channels and technologies used?

Speakers/Panelists include:

  • With a keynote from Slava Solodkiy, Managing Partner, Life.SREDA
  • R Vivekanand, VP & Co-Head, TCS Financial Solutions
  • Susan Wee, EVP, UOB
  • Raymond Leung, Advisor, Alliance Bank Malaysia

Chaired by Anne Weatherston, Board Director, Energy Australia


Networking lunch


Digital Identity - In a World of Ghosts and Mirrors, Your “Customers” May Not Be Who They Say They Are

A lack of a government issued digital identification cards in many countries is complicating the on-boarding of clients for banks. In countries where the government provides IDs and collects and controls the data, banks will need to rely on the integrity of those systems. 

  • Assessing the impact of current government projects to issue biometric ID cards
  • Is digital authentication the problem or the solution, or both?
  • Combating increasing identity theft and fraud through new ways of data monitoring
  • Data privacy - Considering the individual’s right to have personal data protected

 Invited speakers/panellists:

  • Rona Morgan, Managing Director, Asia, International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)
  • Keith Furst, Founder, Data Derivatives
  • Amar Singh, CEO & Founder, Cyber Management Alliance
  • Sean Comeau, Security Consultant

 Session chaired by David Gyori, CEO, Banking Reports

14:30 – 16:00

Dr. Marco Gercke, Director, Cybercrime Research Institute

Live Cyber Incident Simulation
Delegates in the role of board member of a fictitious company will confront sophisticated cyber attacks. This workshop provides an important learning curve for decision makers of all business departments.

  • Current developments in the field of cyber threats
  • Introduction to the simulation
  • Cyber incident simulation
  • De-briefing with a review of the incident simulation
This is a 90 min workshop for registered delegates only

Imagining the Future of Work- How the Skills we Hire and the Work we Value in Financial Institutions are Changing Today, are AI and Robotics Making a Difference already?

From self-driving vehicles and semi-autonomous robots to intelligent algorithms and predictive analytic tools, machines are increasingly capable of performing a wide range of jobs that have long been human domains. Experts predicts that robots will have replaced one-third of jobs currently in existence in the developed world over the coming decade – with potentially profound implications for both workers and society as a whole. This session will also focus on how robots such as Pepper and chatbots like KAI are advanced technologies that will help humans cognitively offload transactional, daily tasks to focus more on the strategy level.

  • Omni-channel development - Knowing what your customers want before they do to keep ahead of the competition
  • Transformation opportunity – Rescale and relearn in order to innovate
  • Digital transformation in alignment with your business and strategy

Speakers/Panellists include:

  • SreeramIyer, COO, Institutional Banking, ANZ
  • Kanags Surendran, MD & Head, Digital Banking, CIMB
  • Hitesh Arora, Director Strategy and Customer Advocacy, CRMNEXT
  • Tobias Puehse, VP Digital Payments and Labs - Innovation Management, Mastercard

Chaired by Rob Findlay, SVP, Experience Design, DBS


Demo  by Future Architects

Implications of the Next Revolution: From Mobile to the Connected Internet of Things

Mobile revolutions is nothing new. What is going to be the next revolution? How is mobile connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) and what are the implications on the way we do things. • Highlighting new payments channels - connected devices and smartphones

  • Streamlining business operations through efficient data use
  • Building a customer centric culture - benefiting from higher satisfaction rates
  • Going beyond operational cost savings- what is the business value of connected devices?

Speakers/Panelists include:

  • With a Keynote Speech from Genki Oka, CEO, Ant Financial, Japan
  • Lito Villanueva, MD, Smart Communications
  • Ron Hose, Founder and CEO,
  • Alvin Wong, Head of Regional Products, Samsung Pay


The Need for Incident Response Plans as Part of a Cybersecurity Policy

Compliance with guidelines from regulators, security frameworks, industry associations, or corporate leadership is influencing an organization’s cybersecurity policies. However, compliance and risk management alone is not an adequate protection; they need to be complemented with an incident response policy.

  • Best practice examples for strategic incident response plans
  • Training to strengthen the weakest link – Humans
  • Successful risk assessment processes
  • Legal considerations for regulatory compliance and incident response

 Invited speakers/panellists:

  • Howard Mannella, Managing Principal, Alternative Resiliency Services
  • Theo Nassiokas,  Head, Technology Information Security (TIS), Unit Operational Risk Management (UORM), Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore
  • Jack Ow, Partner, RHTLaw Taylor Wessing

Session chaired by Robin Andrew Sean-Loong Lee, Chief eXperience Officer and Co-Founder, Inzsure


Coffee/Tea Break


Closing Keynote

Disruption, Pricing, and Frenemies in a Digital World
Technology has always had a deep impact on financial services, but the new chapter appears to be something different, and likely to result in bigger and faster transformations. Consumer expectations and behaviors have changed, and continue to change, driving waves of rapid technological innovation. These new products, services, and delivery methods have the potential to provide significant benefits for users of all manner of financial services – from expanding access credit to increasing the speed and convenience of payments. And yet, we need to be mindful of the range of risks these new activities produce, and ensure they are appropriately managed.
Cathy Lemieux, EVP, Supervision and Regulation, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Speakers/Panelists include:

  • Cathy Lemieux, EVP, Supervision and Regulation, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • Dr. Ron Leven, Professor (MBA) Columbia University
  • Lito Villanueva, MD, Smart Communications
  • Ron Hose, Founder and CEO,

Chaired by David Gyori, CEO, Banking Reports


Close of Conference Day One

Leadership in Digital Conference - Day 2 - Friday 9 June 2017


Registration and Morning Networking


Opening Keynotes

The State of the Industry: Collaboration and competition in the peer-to-peer world
Ron is leading America's first peer-to-peer lending platform with more than two million members and over $4 billion in funded loans. He will take us on a discussion of the evolution of the peer-to-peer industry and why collaboration and diversification is so important.
Ron Suber, President, Prosper Marketplace

Successfully Harnessing Fintech to Advance Online Marketplace Lending in China and Beyond
As we are seeing an enormous emergence of new players in the alternative finance industry, having a leading edge is crucial. Soul, who leads the world's largest benchmarking peer-to-peer company and which won the prestigious Technology Pioneer Award at the 2011 World Economic Forum will bring us on a journey on how he took on the challenge of competing in the biggest peer-to-peer market in Asia and rising as one of the best.
Soul Htite, Co-Founder of Lending Club, Founder and CEO,

Keynote Dialogue:
Payment (R)evolution - Forging Ahead, Building Communities

Discussing which technology platforms, message standards, interoperability frameworks and business models will emerge as the leading next generation payment winners

Speakers/Panellists include:

  • Joel Yarbrough, Head,Corporate Development & Payments, Grab
  • Alvin Wong, Head of Regional Products, Samsung Pay
  • Rakesh Krishnamuti, Head of Large Enterprise Acquisition and Relationship Management, SEA, PayPal
Chaired by Emmanuel Daniel, Chairman & co-chaired by Gordian Gaeta, International Resource Director, The Asian Banker


Networking Break


Where Banks Fear to Tread - Providing Market Access and Credit to a Growing ASEAN Region through Non-banks and P2P Technology

  • Access: How non-banks, P2P and crowd financing platforms even out the barriers of entry to banking service
  • Overhauling credit assessment: Does the market need an alternative means of credit scoring rather than conservative banking models?
  • Tapping into excess wealth in Asia and channeling it towards unbanked sectors

Speakers/Panelists include:

  • Jinesh Patel, Partner, Dymon Asia
  • Mohammed Abas, Co-Founder, One Lyst
  • Jefferson Chen, CEO, Advanced.ia
  • Greg Krasnov, MD, Forum Capital

Chaired by Sam Ahmed, MD, Deriv Asia




From Enterprise hosting to Cloud - Is this the Future of Banking Technology?

  • From enterprise hosting to cloud services: Will banks go lean towards a plug and pay model?
  • Why most banks are looking to move their treasury businesses to cloud by 2020.
  • Vendors disrupted: Why traditional vendors need to reinvent their models and move towards leaner and agile offerings

Speakers/Panelists include:

  • Nick Walton, Head of ASEAN, Amazon Web Services
  • Karim Chabane, Director, Collateral Services, Citi
  • ChiouHao Chan, APAC MD, Mambu

Chaired by Conor Cunningham, CEO, ACUO


Cryptocurrency or Digitalized Assets on Blockchain- How are Banks and Authorities Reacting in Asia?

  • Are crypto currencies making a comeback?
  • Are financial institutions in Asia ready to use Blockchain: Where is the lowest hanging fruit?
  • Blockchain and existing infrastructures: What happens to custodians after blockchain is implemented?

Speakers/Panelists include:

  • Mike Kayamori, CEO, Quoine Corporation
  • Marcelo Garcia Casil, CEO, DX Markets
  • Ganesh Iyer, SVP, Product Development, HSBC Securities Services
  • John Bailon, CEO, Satoshi Citadel Industries, Philippines
  • R Vivekanand, VP & Co-Head, TCS Financial Solutions

Chaired by Thomas McMahon, CEO, Pan Asia Clearing Enterprise


Networking Break


Closing Re-Imagination Session

Reimagining the future of money
Based on all that has been discussed in this Summit, Emmanuel Daniel and Gordian Gaeta will lead the entire conference in re-imaging what the successful financial institution should look like. A session not to be missed.

Imagination Panel

  • David Shrier, Founder and New Ventures, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Janos Barberis, Founder, SuperCharger and FinTech Hong-Kong, Co-editor of the FinTech and RegTech Book

Chaired by Emmanuel Daniel, Chairman & co-chaired by Gordian Gaeta, International Resource Director, The Asian Banker


Close of Conference Day Two




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