Heads of Retail Banking Dialogue, Hong Kong

November 14, 2013 – Conrad, Hong Kong

‘Assessing regional competitive trends and critical success factors for Hong Kong retail banks’

  • Global themes in retail banking; developments at Barclays, Lloyds TSB, Wells Fargo
  • Current developments in Asian regional banks; ANZ, DBS 
  • Review of key themes from Excellence in Retail Financial Services Program 2013

The Asian Banker, the region’s premier provider of insightful research to the financial services industry, will be conducting a high-level dialogue with the senior most people in retail banking in Hong Kong banks.

The key contributors include heads of retail banking, senior decision makers in the retail banking business, industry experts with international proficiency.

Hong Kong retail banking business has been experiencing headwinds in regulatory measures, highly demanding customer and stiff competition. While Hong Kong banks have been the foremost in Asia in terms of latest technology and innovation within retail banking industry, the current challenges need a more focused approach.
Rising competition from foreign banks and regulatory requirements put additional pressure on already tight margins in a high cost environment.

Some of the GAPs we see from our Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards 2013 for Hong Kong banks, which we would be discussing further, are:

  • Financial performance
  • People Skills, Staff retention
  • Sales Capability

This dialogue with peers and industry experts will examine challenges faced and innovation and best practices seen around the world.

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