• 21 October 2021
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The Asian Banker Strongest Banks
by Balance Sheet

Banks have played a crucial role in stabilising economies during the pandemic by transmitting government stimulus programmes and supporting businesses and households. They have been enhancing their digital capabilities while managing cost and risk. The pandemic continues and interest rates remain low.

Although banks are gradually recovering from the effects of the pandemic, their asset quality and profitability remain under pressure. Banks need to adapt quickly to changes and be prepared for a period of uncertainty.

The Asian Banker assesses the industry across Asia, Middle East, and Africa regions to recognise efforts of players in different key markets. We will hold a virtual ceremony to announce the winners of the ‘Strongest banks based on balance sheet strength’.

The ceremony will include a dialogue with senior executives who will discuss the challenges, insights and lessons from each player in meeting the financial and non-financial needs of corporate and financial institution (FI) customers during the pandemic.

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