Thailand Banking Risk Dialogue 2013

November 5, 2013 – Grand Hyatt, Bangkok

The Asian Banker’s Thailand Risk Dialogue is an ongoing series of conversations between key players in the Singapore banking industry to regularly review changes to the risk management landscape and discuss issues that the bank is facing in the industry, including liquidity problems, specific risk management issues, and solutions to their problems. The key players include Thailand banks' CROs, risk managers, IT heads, Thailand bank regulators and global leaders in risk management.

The dialogue focuses broadly on the following key risk management issues facing the Thai banking industry:

  • Global economic issues that are of interest to Thai banks
  • Identifying global best practices in implementation of risk infrastructure
  • Discussing Thailand’s most significant issues in credit and compliance risk management
  • Key findings from The Asian Banker 500, the bank watch list, and the risk profiles of Asian banks.

This dialogue will also provide partner organizations, including financial institutions, consulting firms and technology providers an opportunity to interact with decision makers who are at the forefront of developing enterprise level risk infrastructure for Thailand banks.

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