Build your risk management team’s capabilities and learn in a highly interactive international setting

The Bank Management Games Middle East and Africa is a revolutionary format designed to help risk management professionals in commercial banks rehearse in detail the different possible scenarios they may be confronted with and allow them to sharpen decision making skills.

The programme is made up of different sets of activities:

  1. Keynote speeches, presentations and onstage dialogues by leading practitioners
  2. Three scenario-based simulation-based exercises with game and discussions on:
    - The Evolving Banking Business Model and the Role of the Risk Manager
    - Market Volatilities
    - Risk Appetite and Capital Planning

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The Bank Management Games is an Interactive Learning Experience

For the discussions on the three key areas, the session begins with a simulation exercise.

Each delegate is required to bring his or her own laptop. All delegates will be grouped into teams of four, where possible. The teams will be briefed on each simulation exercise and given the parameters of the bank whose balance sheet or operations they will be required to manage.

Teams will be required to enter their responses into a simulation programme, which will then be assessed by the advisors.

After the results are computed, the delegates will discuss the implementation issues they faced and the relationship with real life decisions they have to make.

The advisors will then give their overall assessment, following which there will be a general discussion on the issues.

Objectives of The Bank Management Games Middle East and Africa

  • To test different economic scenarios in 2014-2015 with peers from different countries.
  • To learn from global best practice leaders
  • As a team building exercise for your bank’s own risk management team.
  • To be mentored by a faculty of the most experienced risk experts with global experience in an experiential based learning environment.

The programme is especially designed to sharpen the following skills:

  • Ability to manage credit risk in an era of intensified volatility
  • Understanding capital allocation from a risk, regulatory and management perspective
  • Identification of inherent risk in core banking businesses
  • Understanding the bank-regulator feedback mechanisms operating across multiple jurisdictions

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