Day 1

Mon, 30 Oct 2017
  • Leadership in the Digital World – Key developments in the UK’s financial services industry that has shaped its role as a financial innovation hub
  • Challenger banks – Business models & leadership styles
  • Cheaper, faster, further – How can my institution benefit from the revolution in digital technology?
  • The roles of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the decision-support process
  • Evaluating today’s leaders

Day 2
Site Visits

Tue, 31 Oct 2017
  • Fostering innovation through collaboration by growing AR/VR ecosystem
  • Barclays’ Rise London – A community of the world’s brightest thinkers and doers, working together to create the future of financial services
  • Powering innovation and emerging tech – Deutsche Bank Innovation Labs
  • Lloyds Bank Innovation Labs – Testing and Learning, and referring back to the customer
  • CommBank Innovation Lab – Turning today’s imagination into tomorrow’s ground-breaking innovation

Day 3
Site Visits

Wed, 1 Nov 2017
  • StartupBootcamp Fintech – How to meet, assess and create engagement with early stage innovators
  • Fintech – Co-optition or frenemies?
  • Yoyo Wallet – Transforming the relationship between retailers and customers
  • Starling Bank – The UK mobile only bank account
  • Speaker dinner: How do we begin to think about Cybersecurity in the digital ether

Day 4
Site Visits

Thu, 2 Nov 2017
  • HSBC Innovation Centre – Strategy, Investments and Innovation
  • Digital banking is only 1% - 11:FS created the team for the next 99%
  • SETL – Simplified real-time blockchain settlements
  • Mayor of London’s official promotional agency
  • ClearBank – A banking revolution has begun
  • Revolut – A World Beyond Banking
  • Meet London’s VC and private equity community

Day 5

Fri, 3 Nov 2017
  • Dialogue on design thinking
  • Up close and personal – How should banks reinvent themselves financially?– profitability, market share, risk and compliance today and how will it all work out into the future?
  • Up close and personal – Driving global growth and innovation
  • Leadership in finance in the digital era – a DNA to be developed