The Future of Finance, Indonesia

27 July 2017 | Jakarta, Indonesia


Digital transformation – What’s next for the Indonesian financial services industry?

The Indonesian banking sector has enjoyed a steady growth for the past five years. However, we have seen rising volatility in financial markets, weak commodity prices and a sharp increase in non-performing loans (NPLs). At the same time, the industry – locally and globally – is undergoing a rapid technology transformation in areas such as SME financing, wealth management and payments.

With such strong and steady growth, Indonesia has become more capable of entering the era of digitisation after the booming of revolutionary innovations. These capabilities can be clearly witnessed in major steps taken by the government like issuing a new law that will affect all financial technology and peer-to-peer (P2P) lending firms in the country

The Future of Finance, Indonesia (formerly called Indonesia International Banking Convention) is an ongoing annual series of dialogues amongst senior bankers and alternative players in the region discussing changes in the global and regional retail banking, industry. Followed by the Asian Banker Indonesia country awards in retail banking, technology, P2P and wealth management.

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Key issues to be covered

  • The future of financial services is digital
  • Innovation in payments transactions
  • Customer-centricity leading to a new era of digital transformation
  • The digital revolution – what’s next?
  • Integration of additional risks into stress testing framework
  • Combatting financial crime and cyber security threats
  • Pulling increased value from data analytics and big data
  • Senior executives in technology, operations, data and analytics
  • Senior executives in cards, payments
  • Senior executives in digital banking and channels
  • Senior executives in risk management and operation risk, CFO
  • Blockchain, bitcoin, and crypto currencies

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