The Future of Finance, Middle East & Africa

25 April 2018 | UAE


Implementing emerging technologies towards digitising customer’s journey

The financial services industry in the Middle East and Africa is projected to grow at an exceptional rate as stability and improvement are set to be the theme of 2018, regardless of political instabilities and uncertainties within the region. The retail banking sector in particular is showing lots of potential. What is really a defining this industry and considered to be the main focus of innovation strategies of banks is a customer who became used to the advanced technologies and the new virtual reality, leading him to demand more in an era where everything has become digitized.

Technology didn’t only create an increasingly demanding customer, but it’s also reshaping the way consumers think and interact with everything around them and specially their financial transactions and banking experience. Putting all this into consideration, banks need to adopt all kinds of emerging technologies such as Internet of Things” IoT”, Big Data, Artificial intelligence “AI”, blockchain and advanced data analytics in order to deliver a better omnichannel experience for both customers and their own employees.

The Future of Finance Middle East and Africa is coming back in 2018. The conference will highlight the challenges in the marketplace and how to overcome them. It will bring together key decision makers from financial institutions and new market players under one roof to discuss how emerging technologies and new market disruptions are shaping the future of financial institutions as well as the customer journey.


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Key focus areas include:

  •  Steps toward digital banking
  •  Customer centricity and the bank of tomorrow
  •  Big data, AI and advanced analytics
  •  Machine learning, IoT, and robo-advisors
  •  The evolution of digital identity
  •  Internet of Value and the booming of blockchain

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