Digital Transformation “The Future of Financial Services” - Workshop

Wednesday , 1st August 2018




Welcome Note and Introduction by David Gyori, CEO, Banking Reports


Digital identity: The road to superior customer experience
Digital identity is widely recognised as the next step in identity systems. Accordingly, many efforts are being made to face the challenges and to create and build truly transformational digital identity systems. In this session, we will take a broad outlook at the global best practices by providing a perspective on the role of financial institutions in building digital identity solutions to meet the expectations for the customer of the future.

  • Digital Identity: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
  • Digital Identity is Banking: from onboarding through CX to profitability
  • Biometrics: Ten emerging trends in financial biometrics
  • Real Life Digital Identity Experiment: The E-STONIA Project
  • Global best practice in digital identity: India’s AADHAAR System
  • CASE STUDIES: ‘Evolution and Revolution in India’s Banking’ enhanced by the Aadhaar – ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank


A dream or a reality? - Challenges in the “Regulated Excellence” of anti-money laundering and know your customer arena
Banks started looking for more efficient conducts and approaches to meet the global anti-money laundering rules, while also focusingon the need of developing know your customer (KYC) and considering how managed services are solving onboarding issues. All this is the result of how regulators around the globe are continuing to push banks to meet required KYC and AML standards.

  • KYC, AML, CFT, CDD à Regulation and Businessà Private Identity, Corporate Identity, Machine Identity
  • Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) and the holy grail of identity management
  • Blockchain Helps in Identity Management: New Banking from Denmark, KYC Chain and Block Pass from Hong Kong, Pikcio from Switzerland
  • Centralised digital identity solutions: ID Now from Germany, GDPR in EU
  • RegTech, Compliance Tech, RiskTech à Differentiation of Concepts
  • CASE STUDIES: Onboarding by Challenger Banks in the United Kingdom, Incumbents versus Digital Only Neobanks in terms of Onboarding




Building financial institutions on the blockchain – The essentials
Blockchain has the potential to disrupt banking in the way that we know it today, transform traditional interbank and also peer-to-peer payments, open up opportunities to replace existing tools for the exchange of financial information, and how customer data is stored and processed.

  • Blockchain: technology at inflexion point
  • Blockchain Basics Demonstration: Hash, Block, Blockchain, DLT, Value (Token), Value Base (Token Base), Public Key, Private Key, Signature, Integration
  • Blockchain in Interbank Payments vs Blockchain in Remittances: R3 Alliance vs Ripple Labs à EEA: Ethereum Enterprise Alliance
  • Smart Contracts: a must for advanced banks, the future of legal departments
  • Regulating Blockchain: from coins to ICOs, from databases to currencies
  • Central Banks and Blockchain: The Approach of the Federal Reserve versus the Bank of England versus the Bank of Japan




Creating the Future of Payments
Technological innovations and emerging platforms have totally transformed the day to day banking activities, transactions and way of interaction between people and in peer-to peer transactions. Hence, all business players needs to be always up to date about the newly generated payments’ modules to advance their process and meet the needs of digitale-commerce.

  • From TELEX to SWIFT, from SWIFT to CORDA à Innovations from SWIFT, the story of Innotribe, the innovation lab of SWIFT
  • Payments Card Emulation and Digital Wallets: Apple Pay, Loop Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, WeChat Pay, Alipay, PayPal, Venmo, PayKey
  • Building Ecosystems in Payments: SuperWallet by Finanteq, Vitality by Discovery, VR Pay by Alibaba
  • Emerging Channels of Payments: Voice, AR (Smart Contact Lenses), VR, Micropayments and beyond


Review and Closing Summary

*Please note that this is a working agenda and topics and speakers will be updated frequently.

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