Excellence in Retail Financial Services Programme

Every year the Excellence in Retail Financial Services Programme assess more than 140 banks across more than 30 countries to quantify and analyse the progress the industry has made and to celebrate the achievements of institutions, businesses and individuals who have played a pivotal role in taking the industry forward. The awards programme has a long history of rigorous assessment and transparency, which includes the work of an eminent panel of advisors who control, supervise and complement the work of Asian Banker Research.

Identifies best practice from around the globe

We will continue to grow the scope of the programme globally. It is our ambition to establish our presence in all parts of the world to support the development of retail financial services by creating an environment for learning and sharing. In 2011 we expanded our coverage of the Middle East and, for the first time, included selected countries from Africa.

We will not only grow the coverage of new countries in the programme, we will also monitor global best practices more closely through the introduction of an international category for the product and special awards. This will allow us to expand our body of knowledge and provide case studies and benchmarks of leading global retail banks.

Programme Overview

The overall programme consists of three distinct events: Excellence in Retail Financial Services awards, Heads of Retail Round Table Dialogue and the Retail Banking conference breakout sessions.

The focus of the Excellence in Retail Financial Services Programme 2016 is on:

Key trends and leading best practices in retail banking landscape
Technology innovation: Blockchain incorporating the future today
Will fintech be a credible force to move the market?
Re-engineering products and services

The Excellence in Retail Financial Services Meeting 2016 will be held in conjunction with FutureBank Hong Kong Innovation Tour 2016 a highly unique opportunity to visit and interact with the leading technology innovations taking place in this fastest global city. Click here to learn more.

Upcoming Excellence
Past Excellence

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