Philippine International Banking Convention 2013 Agenda
Friday, 25th October 2013
08:30-09:00 Registration
09:00-10:30 Opening Keynote Session

Welcome Address:
by Lorenzo Tan, President, Bankers Association of the Philippines

Opening Keynote:
by HE Amando M. Tetangco Jr., Governor of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Keynote Address:
By Glenn B. Maguire, Chief Economist, Asia Pacific, ANZ

Session chaired by Emmanuel Daniel, Chairman, The Asian Banker
10:30-11:00 Tea/ Coffee Break
11:00-12:00 Future of retail banking: Anytime, anywhere banking at what price?

With a predicted increase in core-banking system expenditures and maximising branch operations, banks are also designing integrated customer experiences based on a streamlined multi-channel approach. The supporting architecture required by institutions to activate new channels will be discussed, including:

  • Serving the changing needs of the Philippine customer
  • Growth of the banking industry in the Philippines and opportunities for consolidation
  • Maximising the role of the branch in a multi-channel world
  • Banking in the cloud: Are we ready to apply this new technology?
  • Capturing and acting on customer sentiment across multiple channels
  • Create a foundation that is sustainable and flexible enough to accommodate modern business developments

Invited participants include:
  • Natividad N. Alejo, EVP, consumer banking group head, BPI
  • Victor Lim, EVP, head, retail banking segment, Philippine Bank of Communications
  • John Howard Medina, SVP, head of global operations, Philippine National Bank
  • Rick Woodham, head FSG BSG Group - ASEAN, FIS, Thailand
12:00-13:00 Luncheon

Transforming the banks from inside out

13:00–14:30 What do we know about the customer in the brave new age of retail banking?

As the Philippine economy is growing, banks are straining to service their increasingly demanding clients. Customers are interacting with the bank through different channels. With new data and analytics systems in place in most of the banks, the actual challenge is to understand what are the customers telling us.

  • Learning from India’s Best Retail Bank on their transformation and growth journey
  • How should a bank be organized to maximize profits using customer information?
  • The new customer experience paradigm
  • Challenges in customer profiling and handling data streams
  • Identifying the actual owners and users of data
  • Moving towards customer-centred organizational structures
  • Harnessing social media conversations for profit

Invited participants include:
  • Ajay Kapoor, EVP, business process reengineering group, HDFC Bank India
  • Daniel U. Yu, SVP, CIO, Security Bank
  • Marie Josephine Ocampo, SVP and CMO, Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • Alvin Asuncion, VP customer management division, RCBC
  • Venky Srinivasan, VP, sales Asia Pacific and Japan, Oracle Financial Services
14:30–15:00 Tea/Coffee Break
15:00–16:00 Revisiting innovation in payments & future landscape in Philippines

  • Government support to drive innovation in e-payment solutions
  • Integrating the three areas: Payments, banking and commerce
  • Stimulating cross-border payments & innovation through greater standardisation of payment technologies and interoperability via legal framework
  • Collaborating with non-banking entities
  • Outsourcing of certain business units to gain a competitive advantage
  • E-money wallets – part of the multi-channel experience
  • Addressing the security concerns associated with mobile payments

Invited participants include:
  • Adinata Widia, SVP, cash management head, Bank Danamon Indonesia
  • Andy Navarrete, head of channel mgmt. division, Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • Ramon Abasolo , FSVP, IT group, Philippine National Bank
  • Kanv Pandit, GM, payments solutions, ASEAN, Japan & Korea, FIS

Heads of Risk Roundtable

As part of the Philippine International Banking Convention, The Asian Banker will hold a Heads of Risk Dialogue between key players in the Philippine banking industry to review changes to the risk management landscape and discuss banks’ progress in their risk management capabilities. The key players include Philippine banks' CROs, risk managers, IT heads, regulators and international best practitioners. The agenda includes:

13:00-16:00 The implementation of Basel III liquidity requirements is a key challenge currently faced by financial institutions in the Philippines. We will discuss how the phase-in of the liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) and the net stable funding ratio (NSFR) will affect banks’ profitability, competitiveness and business models.
  • What this means for Basel-III early adopter jurisdictions like the Philippines, as well as the impact of the BSP’s varying compliance requirements for overseas and local business units on the banking industry
  • Likelihood of a coordinated effort among banks to reduce the global vulnerability of banks in the Philippines
  • The risks related to banks in the Philippines’ increasing dependence on non-recurring gains as a source of income.
  • Challenges in obtaining stakeholder and senior management buy-in
  • Obstacles to justifying the added value of sound risk management frameworks
  • Increasing costs of regulatory compliance, including balancing and liquidity requirements with a drive for profitability
  • Ongoing challenges in managing counterparty credit risk

Invited participants include:
  • Glenn B. Maguire, Chief Economist, Asia Pacific, ANZ
  • Evelyn Villanueva, EVP and CRO, BDO Unibank
  • Ananias Jong Cornelio, CRO, China Banking Corp.
  • Nerissa Berlin Duran, CRO, UCPB Savings Bank
  • Victor Lim, EVP Head Retail Banking Segment, Philippine Bank of Communications
  • Amelita Carrillo, VP/CRO, Philippine Business Bank
  • Carmela Pama, CRO, Philippine National BankLolita Chu, FVP, Philippine National Bank
  • Lolita Chu, VP, FVP, Philippine National Bank
  • Regino C. Magno, Head of risk management, RCBC
  • Ranil M. Reynante, Chief Compliance Officer, Development Bank of the Philippines
  • Patricia L. Castaneda, CRO, Philippine Savings Bank
  • Edeza A. Que, VP, Head of Credit Risk Management
  • Arwin M. Guste, AVP, Head of Market Risk Management
Moderated by: Foo Boon Ping, managing editor, The Asian Banker
Co-moderated by: Rona Morgan, former group head of risk strategy, ANZ
16:00-17:00 SME - Serving the underserved business community

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) is a critical driver of the Philippines’ economic growth. They are considered to be the major source of entrepreneurship, economic dynamism and the provider of trade, manufacturing, outsourcing, and services that contribute to the community and local development. With fewer resources than large-sized businesses, SMEs have an urgency to borrow and take advantage of the growing economy. In this session, the discussion would include:
  • Factors influencing today’s SME banking sector in the Philippines
  • Role of banking industry in facilitating SME’s access to finance
  • Key specific issues faced by banks related to SME financing
  • How supply chains are changing the small business industry
  • Dealing with an increase in loan demand from businesses due to expectations of increased accounts receivables and working capital
  • Innovation in small business market - offering customized products

Invited participants include:
  • Eddie Hu, Head SME Banking, Standard Chartered Bank, Malaysia
  • Paula Leynes Felipe, Operations Officer, Access to Finance Advisory, IFC
  • Reynaldo Plana Orsolino, FSVP and head, emerging corporates segment, RCBC
  • Jessymel T. Cruz, AVP, head, SME Banking Solutions, Unionbank
17:00 End of Conference

**Please note that the attendees are in various stages of invitation and confirmation. Updated list of participants will be provided as these are available.

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