The Future of Finance, China

Thursday, 3rd August 2017




Welcome Note
Emmanuel Daniel, Chairman, The Asian Banker

Keynote Speech:
Barney Frank, Chairman of the US Congress Banking Sub-Committee during the heart of the 2008 crisis. The co-author of the landmark Dodd-Frank Act that put in place the structure to govern the excesses of the 2000s outlines how the same legislation will put in place the rules by which the financial services industry can tackle the future without losing sight of its calling

Leadership Dialogue:
China’s Financial Industry Under the Unprecedented Development of Financial Technology

Speakers/ Panellists:

  • Barney Frank, Chairman of the US Congress Banking Sub-Committee during the heart of the 2008 crisis and co-author of the Dodd-Frank Act.
  • Yang Tao, Deputy Director, Institute of Finance and Banking, CASS

Session chaired by

  • Emmanuel Daniel, Chairman, The Asian Banker
  • Hwa Erh-Cheng, Chief  Economist, Baoshang Bank & former Chief Economist, East Asia, World Bank


Tea/Coffee Break


Changes in China's Financial Industry Landscape with Big Advancements in Financial Technology
Within a short period of time, technology has become the most important and a must-talk in China’s financial industry. Banks are embracing new technologies with an ever tremendous enthusiasm. What are the new applications of technology happening in real world, and what achievements banks have made through those adoptions?

  • International regulatory trends and explorations.
  • Competition and cooperation between digital financial services and traditional banking.
  • Internet of things (IoT), cloud platforms, customer experience, and new challenges to cyber security

Speakers/ Panellists:

  • Jiang Zeshen, Director of General Office, Department of Innovative Regulatory Cooperation, China Banking Regulatory Commission
  • Lv Zhongtao, General Manager, Department of Information Technology, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  • Adrian Zhu, Vice President of Tencent Cloud, Vice General Manager of Financial Technology (FiT) & Head of Tencent Cloud
  • Matt Dooley, CEO, Connected Thinking

Session chaired by

  • Zong Liang, Chief Researcher, Bank of China




Enlightenments and Inspirations from the Frontiers of Technology
Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and blockchain are at the forefront of financial innovation. In this session, discussions leap beyond application level, as we take a glimpse of the most cutting-edge innovations. How will technology affect financial industry and in which areas?

  • The application of artificial intelligence in the financial industry
  • The application of digital currency and blockchain
  • Data analytics and cloud tech

Speakers/ Panellists:

  • Rachel Qiu, Chief Product Officer, Tongdun
  • Bobby Lee, CEO, BTCC
  • Chen Daobin, Deputy General Manager, Management Information Department, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  • Xu Yiya, Senior Vice President, Xiaoi Robot

Session chaired by

  • Matt Dooley, CEO, Connected Thinking


Briefing on the China Awards Programme 2017 – Retail, transaction, risk and technology

  • Awards programme: process, methodology, and scorecards
  • Best practices in China (based on submissions)
  • Overview of the Chinese retail banking market
  • Key findings from The Asian Banker awards programme

Presentation by Foo Boon Ping, Managing Editor, The Asian Banker


Tea/Coffee Break


Diversification of Wealth Management Channels - Opportunity or Challenge?
With driving force from both financial technology and market demand, last year, China witnessed a proliferation of wealth management industry. Despite regulations being cautious and prudent, all kinds of digital money management platforms emerged endlessly. For the banks’ divisions, such as wealth management and customer development, the emergence means two sides of a coin – opportunity to collaborate and the challenge to compete - Which side wins?

  • Where did the Chinese money go?
  • The emergence of digital credit information system and the expansion of financial service instruments.
  • Product innovations in the emerging wealth platforms
  • CRM in an era of sharing economy

Speakers/ Panellists:  

  • Jim Kok, General Manager, Department of Structural Finance, JD Finance
  • Mei Yufang, Deputy General Manager, Wealth Management Department, China Construction Bank
  • Hu Kang, Head, Customer Relations Management Center, Nuoyuan Holdings

Session Chaired by

  • Foo Boon Ping, Managing Editor, The Asian Banker


Future Life and the Future Financial Ecosystem
Recently, the development of mobile internet technology has forced the prosperity of the sharing economy. While new public governance issues generated from sharing economy and some concerns about overheated investments pose questions on its sustainability.The concepts which sharing economy values - decentralization, openness, platform, data analytics and sharing resources, has also enlightened the introduction of a new terminology in China – sharing finance. What is the core ideology of sharing finance? What kind of financial ecosystem technology is leading us to?

  • The development of sharing economy and its enlightenment for the financial industry
  • Future picture of financial industry and its ecosystem

Speakers/ Panellists:

  • Pang Chengjun, Vice President, Didi Chuxing
  • Xue Hongyan, Head of Internet Finance Center, Suning Financial Research Institute
  • Bobby Lee, CEO, BTCC

Session chaired by

  • Emmanuel Daniel, Chairman, The Asian Banker

*This is a draft agenda – Topics and speakers are subject to change
** The event will be accompanied by simultaneous translation

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