Mastering the Digital Transition in Retail Banking Workshop

Grand Hyatt, Beijing | Wednesday, 2nd August 2017


Welcome Note and Introduction  

  • Introduction to workshop objectives
  • Introductions of speaker and  participants
  • Key themes and developments in Retail Financial Services today
  • Key areas of concern in the immediate future


How does a retail banker think about the frontiers of innovation and customer experience in an ever connected world?

In this session, we think through the revolution taking place in the internet, mobile, and the IoT technology that is changing how bankers should think about the rules of engagement. Social media is playing an increasingly important role as a channel and a mode of customer engagement. We analyse the frontiers of digital channels and its impact on Customer Acquisition and Retention.

  • Social Media: FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube
  • Smartphone: The tool of aggregation in – and beyond – finance
  • Branch and ATM: “The branch of the future” or “The future of the branch”, directions in ATM innovation, video banking
  • Future: Smartwatch, wearables, hyper-connectivity, internet of things (IoT), roboadvisors, and artificial intelligence (AI)


Networking Lunch


Competition and collaboration models with the Fintech Community

Financial technology companies are increasingly taking away or sharing the clientele base of retail banks. In this session, participants will learn from emerging best practices being developed by pioneering players – both banks and non-banks, and understand what they can achieve and how in their own online and mobile strategies. Some key industry intersections with FinTech ecosystems and communities

  • Retail/Ecommerce (payments, big data, predictive analytics)
  • AI (mobile, intelligent RM engagement, robo advising)
  • Lending
  • Insurance


How new risks evolve in banking and how to deal with them?

The rapid transformations happening in the retail banking front are posing a myriad of risks. As much as retail bankers are adapting to new changes, they must also stay alert to the different risks associated with new technology and operations. In this session, we evaluate a multi-layered approach to strengthening the risk management and cybersecurity framework of the bank.

  • Mitigation of risk through enterprise wide adoption
  • Managing information security to safeguard against attacks both for the customer and the bank
  • Building cyber intelligence by applying add-ons to the current systems
  • What are the key elements of constituting a robust cyber security governance framework to address current gaps?


Review and Closing Summary


End of Workshop and Certificate Rewarding

The Future of Finance, China

Thursday, 3rd August 2017


Registration & Morning Networking


Welcome Note

Opening Address:
A Conversation on how China and rest of the World can prepare for Future of Finance.

  • Guo Shuqing, Chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission (Inviting) .
  • Barney Frank, Chairman of the US Congress Banking Sub-Committee during the heart of the 2008 crisis and co-author of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Leadership Dialogue:
China 's Financial Industry Under the Unprecedented Development of Financial Technology.


Networking break


Changes in China's Financial Industry Landscape with Big Advancements in Financial Technology
Within a short period of time, technology has become the most important and a must-talk in China’s financial industry. Banks are embracing new technologies with an ever tremendous enthusiasm. What are the new applications of technology happening in real world, and what achievements banks have made through those adoptions?

  • Internet of things (IoT), cloud platforms and customer experience
  • New challenges to cyber security.
  • Competition and cooperation between digital financial services and traditional banking.
  • Attitudes and tendencies of regulators.




Briefing on the China Awards Programme 2017 – Retail, transaction, risk and technology

  • Awards programme: process, methodology, and scorecards.
  • Best practices in China (based on submissions).
  • Overview of the Chinese retail banking market.
  • Key findings from The Asian Banker awards programme.

Presentation by Foo Boon Ping, Managing Editor, The Asian Banker


Enlightenments and Inspirations from the Frontiers of Technology
Artificial intelligence(AI), robotics and blockchain are at the forefront of financial innovation. In this session, discussions leap beyond application level, as we take a glimpse of the most cutting-edge innovations. How will technology affect financial industry and in which areas?

  • How much will artificial intelligence change human life?
  • What robots can do?
  • In what ways mobile phones will surprise us?


Networking break


Diversification of Wealth Management Channels - Opportunity or Challenge?
With driving force from both financial technology and market demand, last year, China witnessed a proliferation of wealth management industry. Despite regulations being cautious and prudent, all kinds of digital money management platforms emerged endlessly. For the banks’ divisions, such as wealth management and customer development, the emergence means two sides of a coin –opportunity to collaborate and the challenge to compete -Which side wins?

  • The emergence of digital credit information system.
  • Expansion of financial service instruments.
  • Where did the Chinese money go?
  • Has internet insurance been quietly rising?
  • New looks and development of China P2P.


Future of Finance: Where Will Technology Take Us?
In China, not only is the financial industry drastically motivated by science and technology, but the entire country is encouraged by the notion of “public entrepreneurship, mass innovation”. Meanwhile, a variety of factors such as the huge population and various market demands, push China to the forefront of internet and mobile innovative entrepreneurship. And this to a large extent, qualifies this country to be a place to discuss prospects of fintech and financial industry. Here, countless creative and impulsive young people hold dreams to change the world. We shall hear their views on different realms of human life.

  • Sharing economy
  • Smart life
  • Future picture of financial industry and its ecosystem
  • Human and wealth relations



*This is a draft agenda – Topics and speakers are subject to change

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