Keynote Speaker

Barney Frank, Former congressman, co-author of Dodd-Frank Act

Congressman Barney Frank is the former chairman of the powerful House Financial Services Committee between the turbulent global financial crisis years of 2007–2011. As one of the sponsors of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, also known as the Dodd-Frank legislation, his efforts at closing the gaps in financial oversight such as creating a financial stability council, finding ways to liquidate systemically important firms, and strengthening the financial system against further shocks, were crucial for the recovery of the US financial services industry. Congressman Frank is also credited with many grassroot initiatives, including creating a low-income housing tax credit in the 1980s. He is widely respected by chairmen and CEOs of banks in the US, regulators, and fellow lawmakers.


LV Zhongtao, General manager, Information and technology department

LV Zhongtao, general manager of the information and technology department. Mr. Lv has over 15 years of banking experience in the technology sector. He is responsible for ICBC’s information and technology strategy and implementation in the 12th&13th Five-Year Plan.

Mr. Luo Jun, CEO & Co-founder of Tujia

Apart from Tujia, Mr. Luo Jun founded the leading real-estate internet in December 2007 and served as general manager thereafter. Prior to, he served as senior manager in several global companies including Cisco, Oracle, and Avaya.