The Future of Finance, West Africa

Thursday, 19 April 2018


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Embracing digital transformation and multiple channels towards building customer-centric services that are both inclusive and good for your bottom line
The adoption of digitisation and personalised, inclusive financial services is ubiquitous across the banking industry all over the world. It is changing customer expectations and giving them more options to choose from. On the other hand it is challenging service providers to adapt and compete with one another in providing the best service possible. We gather a panel of experts and thought leaders to discuss some of the opportunities and challenges these changes present within the framework of the West African region and Nigeria, its largest economy and most populous nation.

  • Going digital: what it takes and most importantly how to implement it for best results
  • Winning collaboration models: a win-win for banks and financial technology (fintech)
  • Building customised services for your clients, according to their needs
  • How to make the artificial intelligence (AI) and big data more than “buzz words” in your organisation
  • What the path towards digitisation means for cybersecurity


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The path towards a digital customer experience
Customers are the focus as banks all over the world undertake a digital transformation. With more service providers to choose from, both from formal banking and fintech non-banking service providers, ensuring you are providing useful products that serve your target customers is vital. However, digitising can be just as beneficial to your bottom line and reduce your overhead costs. Drafting a digitisation plan that benefits both your customers and you bottom line, is essential.

  • How to ensure that your organisation’s transformation plan matches your organisations long term goals.
  • Knowing your target customer and designing user-friendly omni-channel services that will offer them a seamless experience
  • As digitisation becomes more ubiquitous each passing day, how to differentiate your bank


Dialogue: Tapping into Nigeria’s unbanked sector
It has been estimated that four out of every ten Nigerians remain outside the formal banking system (Ericsson 2016) despite its young population and high level of mobile phone penetration, demonstrating that while digital finance is key towards inclusive finance, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We gather a group of international experts to discuss the leapfrog Nigeria’s retail banking sector has seen in terms of formal banking adoption, and the road ahead for inclusive finance.

  • Case study: How has the adoption of BVNs improved access to formal banking for millions of people
  • Emerging market success stories:  India and Kenya
  • How some banks are reaching out to those who are often exclude: bringing financial services to women and the rural unbanked
  • Designing relevant and customised services for those newly integrated into the banking system
  • Financial literacy: not charity but a path towards sustainable development


Awards luncheon & key findings from The Asian Banker Retail & Technology Awards Program
Our research team will present key trends and findings across the 2018 awards programmes for West Africa and highlight outstanding achievements and case studies.

  • Awards programme: process, methodology and scorecards
  • Overview of the retail banking market in West Africa
  • Key findings and best practices


Beyond seamless: A world of cashless & contactless payments
Many countries around the world have undertaken cashless policies and encouraged the adoption of contactless cards and e-wallets. For banks this means adapting and integrating new technologies that expand the services they provide. With the payment sector being heavily disrupted, how can your organisation ensure that it provides award-winning service and excel above the rest?

We gather a panel of experts and invite them to share best practices and their vision on the future of payments.

  • Supply-chain financing and cross-border payments – Is blockchain technology the solution?
  • Friends or enemies? Should banks collaborate with these new players?
  • Case study: the adoption of mobile wallets and e-payments


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Navigating the new risk landscape – Keeping your organisation protected
Banking technology has become all the rage because it promises to extend services to the unbanked, reduce overheads, and expand the availability of optimised, customised services. What is often left unsaid is the how this opens organisations to a new type of risk, for which there is no single “silver bullet” solution, and could result costing your enterprise more than. It is essential protect your organisation on every front to avoid cyber-crimes, as well as fraud and other financial crimes.

Experienced thought leaders shed light on some of the latest findings in the ever-evolving cybersecurity space

  • How to “think like a hacker” and other ways to keep your enterprise cybercrime-free
  • With great knowledge comes great responsibility: protecting your customers and their data
  • Contingency planning and protection against reputational risk
  • Fortifying your anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-fraud frontlines


More than buzz just words: AI, big data and process automation
Process automation, customer credit worthiness and risk evaluation, especially with the use of mobile phone applications and e-wallets, have made it easier to expand access to financial services to a larger set of potential target customers. Building the infrastructure for big data and AI is a long term plan and requires investment, yet the real challenge comes from knowing how to extract value from it.

We gather a panel of international experts to discuss some of the trends and best practices for making use of the data available for creating better services for your clients.

  • Enabling multi-factor authentication and the latest trends in know-your-customer (KYC) and digital identity
  • How are banks around the world using big data to improve their bottom line
  • How can your customer’s habits help you to serve them better


Re-imagining the future of West Africa’s financial services industry
In this session we will interview some thought leaders of the industry on stage. We will discuss the following topics:

  • Setting the stage for marketplace lending and crowdfunding in West Africa
  • How cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are being used in cross-border remittances in other countries with large overseas diaspora
  • Making the most of open-banking application programming interfaces


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*Please note that this is a working agenda and topics and speakers will be updated frequently.

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