FutureBank Australia Tour – The annual site visit and dialogues with leading projects in retail banking today

Where are the greatest banking innovations occurring today?

Following the overwhelming success of FutureBank Korea 2013, The Asian Banker is pleased to announce FutureBank Tour in Australia 2014, our annual site visit to countries with unique and leading innovations in retail finance services today.

FutureBank Australia 2014 features visit to banks branches, and retailers to see how Australia's banks successfully attract their customers in their online, mobile banking, branch strategies, and data driven initiatives. FutureBank Korea 2013 was oversubscribed and delegates gave their thumbs up on opportunity to interact directly with Korea leading innovators.

In Australia, online and mobile banking and new e-mortgage application processes are changing the way financial institutions interact with customers and other institutions.

Communities are connecting, and retail banks and their community banks have evolved with new channels such as internet banking and mobile banking. SME services are also moving towards simplified interfaces and procedures.

FutureBank Australia 2014 will also involve dialogues with leading players in Australia and international retail banks across the Asia Pacific and the Middle East regions who will be attending the annual heads of retail meeting at the same time.

It is designed as a platform for senior retail bankers to capture the latest trends, encapsulate changes within the retail banking industry and focus on the future of retail banking in Australia.

What you will see:

  • Online banks initiatives
  • Future of e-Mortgage  
  • Future of mobile banking
  • Customer relationship and retention initiatives
  • Use of data and analytics
  • Branch redesign
  • Innovations in retailing
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FutureBank Australia Innovation Tour 2014
Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards 2014
Excellence in Retail Financial Services Annual Meeting 2014
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FutureBank Korea Convention 2013
Future Bank Korea Innovation Tour

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