Exploring the world of transformation occurring in the Philippine banking industry today

The Philippine banking industry has changed dramatically in recent years. It is set for substantial growth after its credit rating has been raised to investment grade. The country has become the only Southeast Asian nation to achieve this status and one can expect that the move will attract foreign investment and boost the country’s long-term growth potential. The upgrade is likely to attract further capital inflows that are already posing challenges for many policymakers across Asia as global investors flock to the region in search for higher returns. The country’s banks did not just perform well in 2012; they were in fact the best performing bank stocks in the ASEAN region.

One can expect the world's financial industry this year to face significant challenges primarily related to Basel III. There will be pressure on capital rising while rates continue to be low. The market is expected to remain liquid, which results in more competition. There are multiple regulatory changes that will have an impact on the banking industry.

The Asian Banker organized the third annual Philippine International Banking Convention in Manila, on 25th October 2013. This one day event connected and promoted the innovative developments taking place in the Philippine banking industry and within the global community. This conference continued to be the platform that brought international best practices to the Philippines.

Key working sessions included:

  • Growth of the banking industry in the Philippines and opportunities for consolidation
  • Adjusting foreign exchange rules to stimulate outflows
  • Prospects, promises and risks of cloud technology
  • Managing risks while following  regulatory changes
  • Future of retail banking: Anytime, anywhere banking at what price?
  • Revisiting innovation in payments & future landscape in the Philippines
  • Using data and analytics to create a customer focused strategy


“I want to commend The Asian Banker on a job well done, as I feel the event was a great success: Informative and with interesting insights from the banking industry professionals of the Philippines, as well as, professionals outside of the country with interesting visions of the country’s future.”
- Ray Pascua, former banker and investor, Hawaii, USA
“I found the discussions, particularly the first session with Governor Tetangco, quite enlightening.”
- Armando T. Navarrete, Junior Vice President, Channel Management Division, BPI
“I would like to thank you for the opportunity given us to share our experiences in the hope that we can contribute to the growth and development of data analytics in the Philippines.”
- Alvin F. Asuncion, Customer Management Division, RCBC
“The most interesting insights for me were the discussion of Basel III and the economic outlook of the Philippines.”
- Sofia C. Laddres, Landbank
“Those are my takeaways from the conference: Analytics is the very building block to take to the next level 2. It's important to provide the right solution to the right customer on the right time. 3. Customer data is hard to come by, but banks must be able to use the available data to serve customer better.”
- Harshey Villegas, China Banking

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