Different ways to profit from the renminbi

RenminbiWorld Conference 2013 is set to be most important annual meeting of the wide cross-section of players from around the world who are in different phases of benefiting from their exposure to China and its role in driving the global economy.

The conference, to be held in Beijing, will bring together both international players as well as senior Chinese officials in frank and practical dialogues on the opportunities arising from their policy directions.

International players will be able to interact and discover opportunities with each other. Chinese officials will be able to understand where the traction for the internationalization is coming from and practical issues that require their attention.

The conference is also designed to capture the broad range of lessons and opportunities on what governments, corporations, investors and traders can gain from this amazing revolution of our times – the sustainable liberalization of an emerging market economy. The rise of the renminbi is a proxy for the rapid development of emerging market economies on the global stage. These include examining closely how supply chains and investment trends are being rewritten today.

International dialogue participants are hand-picked from a cross section of players and influencers from around the world. They will take part in multiple panelist sessions, contributing to a holistic view of the issues and opportunities created by the transformation taking place in China today. Participants are from best-in-class industries, global thought leaders who are at the forefront of making decisions on both the renminbi as well as in their respective business or public sector roles.

A range of key issues to be covered

The agenda will cover critical current trends shaping the global economy, as seem from the global context of the internationalization of Renminbi

  • Policy experience in the internationalization of an emerging market economy
  • An international dialogue on the role of international financial centers
  • The next phase in the role of the renminbi in international trade
  • Renminbi-denominated securities and investments, including Dim Sum bonds
  • Experiences of international corporations investing in China
  • Experiences of Chinese corporations investing internationally
  • How countries will play out the transformation of international supply chains today
  • Designing funds, structured and investment products
  • Alternative and Passion investments
  • The idea of Renminbi as a reserve currency

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