Wei Jianguo
Former Vice Minister of Commerce, People’s Republic of China
Wei Jianguo is currently secretary general at the China Centre for International Economic Exchange, an economic research, communication and consulting agency governed by the National Development and Reform Commission. Wei served as vice minister in China’s ministry of commerce from 2003 to 2008. Prior to this he served at the ministry of commerces’ predecessor, the ministry of international economy and trade, from 2001 to 2003, where he was mainly responsible for economic co-operation and external aid for Western Asian countries and Africa, as well as development and promotion of the electrical technology industry in China. In the past, Wei also worked for the commerce department at the Chinese embassy in Gabon, Tunisia and Morocco.
Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell
Former executive board member, European Central Bank
Dr Gertude Tumpel Gugerell, along with former ECB board chairman Jean-Claude Trichet and former ECB board vice-chairman Lucas Papademos, holds the distinction of being the longest serving member of the powerful six-person European Central Bank executive board. She was also known particularly for leading financial and payments integration for the Euro-zone and playing a key policy role in maintaining the euro's status as a major reserve currency. During her eight year term at the ECB, Dr Tumpel-Gugerell was responsible for ECB market operations, payments operations, human resources, budget and organisation. Previous to that, she was the vice-governor at the Bank of Austria where she also served as the chair of the Banking Advisory Committee at the European Union as well as an IMF governor.
Bert Hofman
Chief Economist, East Asia and Pacific, the World Bank
Bert Hofman is the World Bank's chief economist for the East Asia and Pacific region and director of their Singapore office since September 2011. Hofman has 20 years of experience in the World Bank, 14 of which have been in the East Asia region. He was the lead economist in China for three years where he headed a team providing economic policy advice to the government. He has also worked on economic policies for Brazil, South Africa, Mongolia, Zambia, and Namibia in his earlier years with the bank. Prior to that, Hofman worked at the Kiel Institute of World Economics in Germany and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris.
Roland Beck
Principal Economist, International Policy Analysis Division, European Central Bank
Roland Beck is currently principal economist in the International Policy Analysis Division of the European Central Bank (ECB) where he leads the work of the international finance team, working on global financial markets and financial stability, capital flows and the international transmission of financial shocks. Beck is also co-ordinating the ECB’ annual report on the international role of the Euro. His research focuses on topics in international finance including the international role of currencies and international financial stability issues. Before joining the ECB Beck worked at Deutsche Bank Research and the Frankfurt-based Centre for Financial Studies.
Chai Hongfeng
Executive Vice President, China UnionPay

Chai Hongfeng is a founding member and currently executive vice president of China UnionPay. He is recognised as a leading authority in financial technology and financial technological management. Over his 12 years with China UnionPay, he has accumulated extensive knowledge and practical experience in the field of payments. Prior to his involvement in the preparatory work of establishing China UnionPay in 2001, Chai served as vice general manager in the engineering department and as vice chief engineer at the China Foreign Exchange Centre from 1994 to 2001. He was vice director in the information centre, State Administration of Foreign Exchange from 1986 to 1994, and awarded “advanced pioneer” in the industry of electronic information by the state council.
Alfred Schipke
Senior Resident Representative, China IMF

Alfred Schipke is the IMF senior resident representative for China. Prior to this, Schipke was a division chief in the Asia and Pacific department, where he coordinated the work on fast growing low income countries in South-East Asia (Frontier Economies) and led missions to Vietnam. In the past, Schipke was a division chief in the IMF’s Western Hemisphere Department in charge of the Latin Caribbean and Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) divisions. He negotiated a high access stand-by arrangement, which included a debt restructuring and a debt-equity swap for one of the countries in the ECCU, as well as an $800 million precautionary stand-by arrangement for El Salvador. He was also regional resident representative for Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic and worked in the IMF European department.
Lu Zhengwei, Chief Economist and Head of Financial Market Research, Industrial Bank
Lu Zhengwei is currently chief economist and head of financial market research at Industrial Bank. Offering insightful understanding about the macro-economy and financial markets, Lu joined Industrial Bank's market research team in 2006, and accurately predicted the timing of monetary policy actions from 2010 to 2011. He also successfully anticipated the US subprime mortgage crisis and quantitative easing a year earlier. Lu was awarded as "Pioneer of Shanghai Financial Talents" in December 2010 by Shanghai Financial Work Commission.
Martin Maurer
Secretary General, Association of Foreign Banks in Switzerland
Martin Maurer, CEO of the largest banking group in Switzerland, is managing the Secretariat of the Association of Foreign Banks in Switzerland. He keeps member institutions informed on regulatory changes and novelties, supports them in the implementation of rules and regulations. Maurer also speaks for the Association in numerous conferences domestically and abroad. In earlier functions Maurer was a senior manager in consulting, specializing in risk policy. He supported banks in implementing interest rate risk management models, both in Swiss retail banks and abroad. Prior to this assignment, Maurer was a member of the directorate of the Swiss Bankers’ Association responsible for prudential supervision.
Nicolas Mackel
CEO, Luxembourg for Finance
Nicolas Mackel is currently ceo of Luxembourg for Finance (LFF), a public-private partnership aiming to contribute to the sustainable development of Luxembourg as an international financial center. Prior to joining LFF, Mackel spent two years in China as consul general of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Shanghai as well as executive director at the Luxembourg trade and investment office Shanghai. A career diplomat, Mackel has in the past held posts including as deputy chief of mission and permanent representative of Luxembourg to the European Union. Benefitting from Mackel’s experience LFF will in the future seek closer co-operation with the countries' trade offices and embassies abroad. Under Mackel's management, LFF aims to analyze further opportunities to develop Luxembourg in a fully-fledged cross-border renminbi center.
  Clarence Hui
Senior Manager, Financial Infrastructure Development Division, Financial Infrastructure Department, HKMA
Clarence Hui is currently senior manager of the Financial Infrastructure Development Division at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). Since joining in 2006, Hui has worked in a number of divisions including the Deposit Protection Scheme Division, Payment Systems Operation Division and Financial Infrastructure Development Division. His major responsibilities include enhancing and promoting Hong Kong’s payment and settlement infrastructure and exploring cooperation opportunities with overseas central banks and central securities depositories with a view to reinforcing Hong Kong’s position as a regional payment and settlement hub. Prior to this, Hui worked in the corporate banking and credit approval departments of various commercial banks.
Yifan Hu
Managing Director, Chief Economist and Head of Research, Haitong International
Yifan Hu is currently managing director, chief economist and head of research of Haitong International. Based in Hong Kong, Hu leads her team in providing in-depth and timely macro and equity analysis covering Greater China. Her views and columns could be found in leading financial media including Bloomberg, Reuters Finance, CNBC, CCTV, and Phoenix TV. Her team is well recognized and has in the past won numerous awards including “Outstanding Financial Research Diamond Award” by II China in 2013 and “The Best Overseas Research Team” by Hexun in 2012. Prior to joining Haitong International, Hu was Chief Economist for CITIC Securities in HK, head of Asian Economics for Natixis in Paris, and vice president and strategist for Merrill Lynch in Hong Kong.
Denis Noonan
Vice President, Core Product Management Clearstream Banking

Denis Noonan is vice president of core product management at Clearstream Banking, responsible for cash products. He joined Clearstream in 2005 as a product manager responsible for settlement, banking and issuance and has led several initiatives to extend Clearstream’s global product reach to new asset classes and customer segments. In his current role, Noonan is responsible for executing Clearstream’s global renminbi strategy as well as for developing cash and international issuance services in Asia. Prior to this, Noonan spent most of his career as a business consultant leading international financial services institutions in the strategic planning and positioning of customer and product development.
Hubert Tse
Senior Partner, Boss and Young Attorneys at Law
Hubert Tse is a senior partner at Boss & Young in Shanghai, recognised as a leading authority in asset management and hedge funds in China having been involved in a number of significant transactions in the country since 2007. Tse has extensive experience in acting for Chinese and global managers and hedge funds on the structuring and formation of onshore renminbi funds and investment advisory operations in China. He has assisted Chinese and global asset/fund managers with legal advice on regulatory, compliance and strategic advice in anticipation of government policies and regulatory initiatives. He also advises US and European hedge funds on the Shanghai QDLP programme. Prior to joining Boss and Young, Tse worked at leading international and Chinese law firms and one of the big four accounting firms in Sydney, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
Christopher Balding
Associate Professor Finance and Economics, HSBC Business School of Peking University
Christopher Balding is an associate professor of finance and economics at the HSBC Business School of Peking University Graduate School. As an expert in sovereign wealth funds, Balding recently released a book entitled “Sovereign Wealth Funds: The New Intersection of Money and Power”. Balding’s work has been cited by a variety of global media outlets including CNBC and he speaks regularly on the Chinese economy and financial markets. His scholarly work has been published in such leading journals as the Review of International Economics, the International Finance Review, and the Journal of Public Economic Theory on diverse topics including CDS pricing, the WTO, and the economics of adoption and abortion. Balding worked in private equity prior to entering academia.
Fuling Han
Dean, Department of Applied Finance and Professor in Finance , Central University of Finance and Economics
Fuling Han is a professor in finance and currently dean in the department of applied finance in Central University of Finance and Economics. He has been teaching courses including investment banking, financial markets, security investment, and venture capital, amongst others. Han is also titled expert in the research bureau, People’s Bank of China, financial advisor at ICBC and BOC, and independent director in a listed company. Han has accomplished twelve CSS major programmes at a ministerial level, among which the program “Research on the Reformations in Investment and Financing” has been awarded first prize by the State Commission for Economic Restructuring. He has in the past been invited to speak by financial media such as CCTV and China National Radio.
TieCheng Yang
Foreign Legal Consultant, Clifford Chance
TieCheng Yang is a partner of the Finance Group at Clifford Chance's Beijing office. Yang has over 20 years' experience as a lawyer and 4 years' experience in a Chinese non-banking financial institution as a credit officer and in-house counsel. He also has extensive China-related financial services experience, including on Rmb internationalization, funds (RQFII, QFII, QDII and PE funds), banking, derivatives and insurance. In particular, Yang and his team have been at the forefront of the development of the RQFII program by advising several RQFIIs on their licensing and compliance issues and fund formation.

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