Building sustainable renminbi-based assets globally

RenminbiWorld is the most important annual meeting of players from around the world who are keen to reap the benefits of their exposure to China and its role in driving the global economy. The conference will bring together international players and senior Chinese officials in frank and practical dialogues on the opportunities arising from their policies.

Many countries are introducing renminbi-based deposits, assets, funds, payment products and innovations in trade finance and capital markets. The time has come to assess the success and sustainability of these innovations taking place outside China. This in turn depends on the support of regulators, market liquidity, and the demand and use of assets being created worldwide. All of these products are also affected by the current development of China and policies being introduced.

 The rise of renminbi is a proxy for the rapid development of emerging market economies on the global stage.The conference is also designed to capture the broad range of lessons and opportunities that governments, corporations, investors and traders can gain from this amazing revolution of our time—the sustainable liberalisation of an emerging market economy.

Key issues covered

  • Translatimg emerging renminbi opportunities to real treasury benefits
  • Building an international renminbi payment infrastructure
  • The deepening interconnectivity of the HK and mainland markets
  • Building a sustainable offshore renminbi hub
  • Shanghai FTZ: a new round of financial reform in China
  • Updates on offshore renminbi-denominated bond market
  • The latest development of the RQFII scheme
  • Pilot programme for foreign hedge hunds to raise yuan for oversea investments
  • Options as another hedging alternative
  • Collateral management practices in China
  • Renminbi in the future international monetary system-lessons from Yen



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