The Asian Banker Fintech Showcase 2016   |   11-12 May 2016

The Asian Banker Fintech Showcase 2016

As a new element at the Asian Banker Summit this year we are introducing the very first ‘Asian Banker Fintech Showcase – Top Ten Promising Propositions’, designed as a market place for dialogues between incumbent banks and new fintech players whose propositions are beginning to make a breakthrough and are most likely to succeed to make a difference to the industry as a whole.

All submission received will be assessed by the fintech advisors comprising senior decision makers from leading financial institutions and the fintech investor community. The top ten shortlisted candidates will each be invited to make an eight minute presentation to the community of investors and senior decision makers in technology and innovation in the Technology Decision Makers Conference at the Asian Banker Summit 2016.  In addition there will be a write-up of their stories in an Asian Banker special edition in our Magazine.

All top ten candidates will receive certificates of participation signed by the fintech advisors. There will no fees or costs involved for making submission and presentation; however, you would need to bear your own expenses for attending the event. One selected winner will receive a cash prize of US$10,000 and a certificate of recognition.

Fintechs in the following categories will introduce solutions:

  • Payments
  • Foreign exchange and remittance
  • Financial assets and capital markets
  • Crowd funding and lending
  • Data analytics and visualisation
  • Regulatory, reporting and accounting
  • Security
  • Digital currencies and blockchain

The Eligibility

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. The founders should be shareholders and actively involved in the management of the organisation
  2. The organisation should be a fintech company which has been in operations for five years or less
  3. The organisation should either have a significant customer base or an operational presence in Asia Pacific

The Evaluation Criteria




-- Product must meet a business need
-- Key functional features of the product
-- It should be data tested and demonstrate a working model
-- The platforms it can be implemented as


-- Extent to which it can potentially disrupt current business models
-- Extent to which it enables users to differentiate their businesses or products from the competition


-- Ability of the business to increase scale in line with growth of customer and transaction volumes
-- Ability to expand to different regions and locations around the world
-- Potential size of the market


-- Revenue growth
-- Sources and composition of revenue
-- Total operating cost
-- Share capital
-- Funding support, if any


-- The names and CV of the promoters of the organisation
-- A short description of the vision statement of what the promoters expect to achieve from this business


-- The names and CV of key personalities
-- Description of talent that demonstrates the depth and range of management capability to succeed in this business


-- Number of customer/installed sites
-- Key reference sites, if any
-- Location of implementation sites in Asia Pacific
-- Recent case studies, if any


Submission details

Please note that we have a detailed audit based questionnaires for each player making the submission that they must complete and return to us. Please contact Neeti Aggarwal at naggarwal@theasianbanker.com to request your complete submission kit.
We extended our deadline - The completed submissions must reach us by 10th April, 2016.

Should you wish to know more about this programme or if you have any questions, please contact Ms Neeti Aggarwal at naggarwal@theasianbanker.com, or phone Ms. Shenming Wang at  +65 6236 6528.
Please send your completed submission to: fintechshowcase2016@theasianbanker.com.

Evaluation Criteria

Our evaluation of this submission is based on a set of transparent criteria built on top of a belief statement where we construct our understanding of the skills required to excel in the area under review.

Belief Statement

We believe that a potentially successful financial technology (fintech) company is one that has a believable business proposition in solving a real business need, with a potential to cause a fundamental transformation or disruption in the financial services industry and to generate scale across regions. Appropriate financial support from the right investors, as well as having an installed customer or user base are proofs of concept and important evidence that third parties have thoroughly evaluated the proposition and are willing stakeholders. In addition a robust execution capability, strong people commitment, ability to fund its growth trajectory and the drive and vision of the principle promoters are important consideration to its success.

Council of Fintech Advisors

  1. Markus Gnirck, Partner tryb, former co-founder, Startupbootcamp FinTech, Singapore
  2. Alex Medana, Mentor, Supercharger, Hong Kong
  3. Jaspar Roos, Chief Inspiration Officer, XL family, Netherlands
  4. Ash Singh, Managing Partner at Nest & INSEAD Professor of Entrepreneurship
  5. Eric Tachibana, Managing Director, eXtropia Holdings
  6. Janos Barberis, Founder & CEO, FinTech Hong Kong
  7. Julian Kwan, CEO/Founder, InvestaCrowd
  8. Jeffrey Paine, Managing Partner, Golden Gate Ventures, Singapore
  9. Andra Sonea, Lead Solutions Architect, Digital Innovation Lab, Lloyds Banking Group, UK
  10. Mahesh Ranade, Former Group Head, IT Applications Development, Bank Mandiri
  11. Other CIOs and Chief Innovation Officers




For all programme related queries and to request your submission kit please contact:

Neeti Aggarwal
Senior Manager Research


For all other questions, please contact:

Gerlinde Gerber
Manager, Forums


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