The Future of Finance, Philippines

6 October 2017 | Manila, Philippines


The Philippine financial industry is in the midst of a revolution - Understand what is shaping the sector and how to optimise your strategy in response

Banks today are facing rapid and irreversible changes across technology, customer behaviour and regulation. The sheer scope and speed of evolution in these three areas - coupled with changing market dynamics and aggressive non-bank competitors – means banking in the future cannot simply be a continuation of banking as it has been. Understanding what is shaping the industry, and how to optimise your strategy in response, is crucial in crafting a sustainable competitive advantage.

In the face of significant industry-wide shifts, we have rebranded The Asian Banker’s annual Philippine International Banking Convention (PIBC) into – Future of Finance, Philippines - a broader event including not just retail banking but the whole financial service industry, insurance, supply chain finance as well as new players such as financial technology (fintech) companies, start-ups, payment platforms and peer-to-peer (P2P) and market place players. This is a great opportunity to network and get to know views and people outside of your own organisation and learn about different approaches and business models.

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Key issues to be covered

  • Best case studies for financial inclusion
  • The digital journey towards superior customer experience
  • Payments revolution - How can banks gain back business?
  • AI and robotic process automation – Are our jobs safe?
  • The sharing economy and its effects on the future of banking
  • Key findings from The Asian Banker Retail & Technology Awards Program

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