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The Asian Banker is by far the market leader in organising world class industry forums and conferences in the financial services industry. We are now able to extend this service to organise internationally branded conferences that demonstrates your financial institution or company’s leadership in the industry.

The reasons you would organise a conference around your organisation’s own brand name are: 

  • to position your organisation as a thought leader in the area you want to focus on
  • to bring either your own employees, your clients or your partner organisations together on a theme
  • to communicate your value proposition to your target audience
  • to demonstrate the tremendous goodwill you have in the industry

The reasons you would use The Asian Banker to design, execute and manage your thought leadership conferences in the financial services industry are:

  • we have the research skills to develop high quality and relevant content that your clients will find relevant;
  • we have the goodwill in the industry to invite global or regional speakers, depending on your requirements;
  • we have the ability to execute the logistics for an international conference, everything from strong websites to managing the invitations, registration process and on-site event management;
  • we can market your conference to financial institutions, blue chip corporations and even high net worth individuals;
  • We have the creativity to design and execute highly valuable experiences around the conference that include break-outs, group dynamic sessions, site visits, communities and so on.

The areas in financial services that we are especially adept at organising conferences bearing your organisation’s brand name include:

  • Correspondent Banking
  • Payments
  • Technology
  • Wealth Management
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Banking
  • Consumer Banking
  • Leadership
  • others…

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