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Asia needs your retail financial service products and services

Sponsorship offers a wide range of benefits be it in thought leadership, brand building or pure networking. Seize these country-specific opportunities to achieve your most important business goals for 2013.

Our value proposition

By participating in the FutureBank Korea Innovation Tour 2013, your organization will be able to achieve the following business goals:

  1. Generate tangible business leads by interacting with senior retail bankers on risk management, technology and operations, as well as payments.
  2. Showcase your thought leadership to an audience of domestic banks from across the market.
  3. Build brand awareness in the most authoritative conference in the retail financial services industry in Korea.
  4. Understand developments in the Korea retail banking industry and gain insights into trends that will shape the future of this industry.


For more information on sponsorship opportunities at the event, please contact Janice Chua at tel: +65 6236 6532 or email:jchua@theasianbanker.com.

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FutureBank Korea Convention 2013
Future Bank Korea Innovation Tour

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