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Leadership in the digital economy

Our world is shifting. We are seeing new concepts of money and finance like never before. Financial services today are still rapidly evolving as new trends and business models continue to shape and redefine the future of finance. Customers today have never been more exposed to the myriad of options available to them, putting more pressure on businesses to provide unique relevant and seamless solutions to users.

China, being at the center of therevolution, continues to amaze us with its groundbreaking innovations, spearheaded by several top unicorns in the country such as Ant Financial and Tencent. Elsewhere in the world, new market players are maturing alongside traditional players and several cutting-edge financial services have emerged. This is the age of decentralised ledgers, personalized finance, and financial inclusion. What doesthe road ahead look like?

Join us at the Leadership in the digital economy conference to find out, as we showcase current best practices and discuss the crucial elements to embark on the net revolution

Key focus areas:


Disruptors at the forefront of revolution


Digital payments revolution


The innovations in regulation


The future of blockchain


Artificial intelligence and cloud


Neo banks and alternative models

Leadership in Digital Conference - Day 1 - Thursday, 24 May 2018


Registration and Morning Networking


Welcome remarks

Opening keynote
Han Geng, Deputy Secretary-General,
People’s Government of Beijing Municipality

International keynote
A look ahead into the future of tech
Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web andfounder of the Open Data Institute. Sir Tim takes his audiences beyond the technology itself - the Internet of Things, future of artificial intelligence, the next web paradigm shift, the power of data and privacy on the web, into the real transformative impact these technologies are having on society. How will the financial services industry be impacted in the years ahead?

Future of personal finance - Change versus constant
Jackson Cheung, CEO & Co-Founder, Youxin Financial, one of China’s top 30 entrepreneurs under 30

Leadership dialogue: The shift of global finance
From the fast growing interest in blockchain and new technologies to the plausible decline of the dollar as the world's reserve currency, the international financial system is experiencing a profound transformation. The speakers will be joined by a forward-looking panel to discuss, how should policy-makers and business leaders prepare for the shift of global finance?

Panellists include:

Chaired by Emmanuel Daniel, Chairman The Asian Banker & co-chaired by Gordian Gaeta, International Resource Director, The Asian Banker


Networking break


Disruptors at the forefront of revolution
We hear inspiring stories from emerging financial players on their journeys to incorporate financial services as part of people’s everyday lives. Changing social behaviours have given rise to new ways of transacting and new business models. In this session, we speak to two disruptors on what are the challenges and opportunities in embracing innovation in the face of  changing mindsets and expectations, new ideas and fierce competition.

Speakers/panellists include:

Chaired by Tom Groenfeldt, Writer, Forbes


Where finance meets technology – Meeting societal needs through new platforms
Due to the need to fill financing gaps and improve process inefficiencies, financial technology has taken great strides. This session takes a closer look at some of the technology-based models that have reshaped the industry.

  • Marketplaces - Where loans get bought and sold
  • Designing banking and financial services that are inclusive
  • Challenges in pricing, user adoption and risk

Speakers/panellists include:

Chaired by Jame DiBiasio, Co-Founder, DigFin Group




Building the next generation banking platforms
A lot of financial institutions are joining the digital bandwagon, but going digital takes a lot more than what is currently being implemented by incumbent banks and their partners. At the same time, there is a rise of challenger banks disrupting the traditional models. The session looks at the underlying technological framework that is a must for financial institutions to succeed.

  • What does it take to fully embrace digital transformations?
  • How can we increase our customer value proposition using the right platforms and tools?
  • Do innovation centres and newly designed branches achieve the objective?

Speakers/panellists include:

Chaired by Tom Groenfeldt, Writer, Forbes


From e-wallets to wearables, how are we incorporating digital payments in our business?
Making purchases, from buying a cup of coffee to a high-ticket item, can be done with a scan, click or swipe. We invite a panel of industry insiders to share their insights on the next frontier of the instant payments industry.

  • No wallet? No problem: Internet of Things (IoT), e-wallets, and wearables
  • Global peer-to-peer payments and transfers
  • The future of plastic: What to expect in the cards space?
  • Integrated payments: Streamlined processes for a seamless experience

Speakers/panellists include:

Chaired by Jame DiBiasio, Co-Founder, DigFin Group


Networking break


Day 1 - Closing keynote

Technology is reshaping what we believe, can we trust it?
Trust is a vital part of the social fabric. With advanced technology and machines becoming an integral part of our daily interaction, it is easy to lose sight of what makes us human in the first place. The rapid speed of technological change is dismantling traditional institutions and mechanisms for governance, which has led to an implosion of trust. Are we more trusting of technology, or have we simply become more complacent?

Speakers/panellists include:

Chaired by David Gyori, International Resource Director, The Asian Banker


End of conference day one

Leadership in Digital Conference - Day 2 - Friday, 25 May 2018


Registration and Morning Networking


Opening keynotes
Challenges to regulatory policy in a low productivity environment
Kartik B.Athreya, Executive Vice President, Unites States Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond who will discuss on how the regulations in US could better motivate innovation in financial services

PSD2: European perspective and how it will change the payments landscape and beyond
Heike Winter, Director, Retail Payments Policy, Deutsche Bundesbank, who will share the experiences of adopting the new payments services directive and what to expect in the collaboration between banks and fintech on the API ecosystem.

Keeping innovation sustainable and creating an enabling ecosystem for the microfinance industry
Dr Dan Wang, Secretary General, China Association of Microfinance, who will give her perspective from the other side of the coin on how financial players can achieve their objectives whilst still being compliant

Dialogue: How far can regulators be innovators?
More and more regulators are joining the bandwagon and creating sandboxes to encourage innovation. Whilst there are still lots of barriers in regulating financial services, we have definitely seen regulators being more actively involved in defining the boundaries in which financial services are being reinvented. What are the challenges in regulating financial innovation in a highly digital, connected world?

Chaired by Tom Groenfeldt, Writer, Forbes


Networking break


Blockchain – What’s next?
Financial institutions are increasingly investing and learning about the new ledger technology, and seeing different ways of how blockchain can be applied to solve some of the challenges they face. We look at what are the use cases that have been effective and what more can be achieved.

  • How will the application layers evolve?
  • Current use cases of blockchain for finance and what is the industry learning from them
  • Where is the technology heading to? What are the different ways to configure the technology into the systems?

Speakers/panellists include:

Chaired by Jame DiBiasio, Co-Founder, DigFin Group


The road towards financial inclusion
The range of choices available to get a loan or transfer money, or pay the bills has expanded tremendously with the wave of new players in the market. This session looks at how some of these winners in the industry managed to revolutionise financial services and contribute to a more financially inclusive society.

  • Looking at different platforms that arise in lending, crowdfunding, and money transfers
  • Successful collaboration models between financial institutions
  • Extending credit through the supply chain

Speakers/panellists include:

Chaired by Tom Groenfeldt, Writer, Forbes


Design thinking in the digital economy
In the age of millennials, your customer experience strategy has never been more crucial in creating an edge over the rest. How do we create the right design model to win customers and what the rest of the world can learn from some of the top global brands? The speaker will guide us through design thinking strategies and use cases that will change the way you think about your customers and products.

Rani Sweis, Founder, Attic Salt, an expert on creating socially responsible brands

13:00 Luncheon


From virtual to reality - The arrival of personalised, optimised financial services
Many industries have been using big data, advance analytics and machine learning (AAML), and cloud computing to create on-demand-predictive, hyper-personalised, and dynamic services. In this session we take a look at how these technologies are making developments in financial services.

  • The symbiotic relationship between cloud, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) in the world of finance
  • AI, digital identity, behavioural insights and the personalisation of services
  • Strategies for data bias prevention in a world of data driven decision making and safeguarding the digital identities

Speakers/panellists include:

Chaired by Jame DiBiasio, Co-Founder, DigFin Group


Case Study: Beyond the tipping point – How Alibaba is reinventing customer experience
Customer data and analytics are providing opportunities for companies to tap a bigger portion of their market, yet many are still struggling with creating strong customer experience for the more sophisticated consumers of today. We look at the collaboration between Alibaba and Prophet in establishing the new ways to engage and deliver in the digital ecosystem.

Jacqueline Thng, Partner, Prophet, one of the most influential marketing leaders who has advised leading brands on their customer strategy
15:30 Networking break

Future of Finance Summit 2018 - Closing keynote session

Reimagining new ecosystems of finance
Without a doubt, 2017 has been a rocky year for financial services; with political upheavals, economic uncertainty and planning for numerous regulatory changes coming into effect in 2018. While political events will continue impacting financial services, digitalisation and data will dominate alongside Robotic Process Automation and Blockchain, making larger waves in the sector and paving the way for uncapped growth and innovation.

  • A data future
  • The rise of robots
  • The reality of blockchain
  • Simplifying digitalisation
  • Banking regulations
  • Fintech collaboration

Speakers/panellists include:

Chaired by Emmanuel Daniel, Chairman, The Asian Banker and co-chaired by Gordian Gaeta, International Resource Director, The Asian Banker


Close of conference day two

Featured keynote speakers from 2017

  Featured speakers from 2017


Who will attend?

The programme is designed for decision makers and senior professionals from the following areas of specialty

  • Management, operations, technology, innovation, digital channels and payments
  • Financial technology start-ups, blockchain companies, internet finance companies and other non-bank players
  • Banking, insurance and wealth industry professionals who wants to understand key ideas that are making an impact in the current financial world

Agenda and speaking opportunities:

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