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The future of financial marketplaces and its players

New technologies and business models have the great potential to impact financial marketplaces, and many players are embracing innovation at time of rapid market developments.

Global financial markets appear to be headed towards greater volatility amidst rising interest rates and threats of trade wars. At the same time, artificial intelligence, automation and new distributed ledger technologies like blockchain are being experimented with and implemented in the financial infrastructure relating to different asset classes, with potentially disruptive impact on players like exchanges, clearing houses and custodians. Regulators worldwide are keenly watching and reacting to these developments, including the advent of digital assets or so-called cryptocurrencies and their trading.

In the meantime, China is leading the way with many important initiatives, such as its inclusion into MSCI, the new Connect programs, Panda bonds and infrastructure bonds as part of One Belt One Road, which will impact the financial markets in Asia and the rest of world. This Dialogue will comprise market leaders to discuss these and many cutting-edge technologies, developments and strategies, and how financial marketplaces and players can and should address this brave new world.



The International Financial Markets Dialogue - Agenda, Thursday, 24 May 2018




Welcome note and introduction

International keynote presentation

Leadership dialogue on:
The future of financial marketplaces and its players

  • What is the impact of global volatility and interest rates rises on liquidity?
  • What is the role of futures and derivatives markets for hedging? 
  • How are financial institutions implementing blockchain and automation pilots and strategies?
  • In which asset classes are DLT projects pursued and what could its impact be on players like exchanges, clearing houses and custodians?
  • How quickly is AI being adopted? In what areas? And what are the impediments?
  • How are regulators worldwide addressing issues of AI ethics, blockchain standards, and RegTech?
  • Digital assets/ cryptocurrencies and their trading – How should they be categorized and regulated?
  • How will the financial markets and its players react to address China’s inclusion into MSCI, new Connect programs, and One Belt One Road?

Key findings from the TAB Financial Markets Awards Programme

  • Awards programme: Process, methodology and scorecards
  • Latest updates on key developments in financial markets
  • Key findings from the awards programme

Our Dialogue leaders include:

  • Paul Chow, Independent Board Director of Bank of China, CITIC, Julius Baer and China Mobile; former Chief Executive of Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Dialogue Co-chair)
  • Brian Tang, Founder of Asia Capital Markets Institute; IEEE Global AI Ethics Initiative Policy Committee Member; Instructor for Asia's first Massive Open Online Course on Fintech (HKU/ EdX) (Dialogue Co-Chair)
  • Alex Medana, Co-founder and CEO, FinFabrik; Board member of Fintech Association of Hong Kong
  • Edward Tse, Author of “China’s Disruptors”; CEO of Gao Feng Advisory and former China head of Boston Consulting Group and Booz Allen
  • Ricco Zhang, Director, Asia Pacific of International Capital Markets Association
  • Amit Goel, Founder and Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer of MEDICI and named an Asia Top 100 Fintech people by Visa


Closing remarks from the co-moderators

Who will attend?

We are inviting 15-25 C-Suite management executives (markets, operations, risk) from major financial market operators and banks, as well as important regulators, to share and learn.

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