The Asian Banker Summit has been re-branded as The Future of Finance Summit. It is now an exciting, all-inclusive annual gathering that will bring together a wide range of players - banks, fintech players, insurance companies, asset managers, investors and customers - who are shaping the future of finance. The Future of Finance will be a dialogue between the institutions and the customer so that they can experience and communicate their expectations of the industry.

The Future of Finance Summit will feature a host of amazing, unique and out-of-box speakers and panellists who will help us break through our thinking on the transformations that are happening globally. At this Summit, we will place the customer at the centre of all our discussions and together assess the impact of finance in our everyday lives and understand how the business of growing wealth is being created today.

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Key focus areas:


Reinventing next generation financial services


Fostering innovation ecosystems through government initiatives


Insights from venture capitalists (VC) and private equity firms


InsurTech disrupting the insurance industry


RegTech saving costs for small business


Potentials of blockchain technology


Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI)


Robotics and IoT


Peer 2 Peer (P2P) and crowd-based business models

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