FutureWealth Asia – Money, Wealth and Funding Great Business Ideas

FutureWealth Asia – Money, Wealth and Funding Great Business Ideas

What’s the best way for you to make good use of your money? This conference is designed for customers to know how to make better financial decisions - Educating customers by providing them with an understanding of how they can plan for a better future and for banks, fintechs and SMEs by offering fairly designed products and services. The rules of the game are being rewritten by new challengers such as fintechs and non-traditional lending, investors and payment players, who see financial services from the eyes of the customers. To reflect the shifting market dynamics, The FutureWealth Asia will demonstrate what’s the cheapest, fastest, and most convenient way to pay for goods, send money abroad, save with higher rates of interests, and invest in the most sustainable and profitable way for customers. This also includes a full understanding of the associated risks.

Key focus areas:


The Business of Borrowing and Lending Money Between Strangers on the Internet


Bitcoin and Crypto-currency - On the Edge of a Cliff?


Mobile and Online Payments – How to Realize New Revenue Streams in Retail and eCommerce


Raising Equity – The Crowdfunding Way


Robo-Advisors - The Next Big Thing in Investing?

FutureWealth Asia - Saturday 10 June 2017


Registration and Morning Networking


Opening Keynote
From Bad Credit Score to Millionaire: Winning the Money Game in the Age of Millenials

An African-born immigrant to America, Joe saw an opportunity with the arrival of the iPhone and started ICS Mobile. It grew to a multi-millionaire dollar enterprise and dominated the app install business. He always had a passion for helping others, so Joe built a new app that has helped thousands of people, both rich and poor,learn and practice smart financial habits. Joe discusses his personal journey, and what he has observed from the rags to riches stories he has been a part of – what are the small habits that end up making a big difference?


Outliers: Characteristics of Investments with the Best Chance to Succeed
Asia has a distinctly differentiated investment landscape and climate from other economic hot spots like Silicon Valley and London. What have been the recent investment successes in our region that were accessible to mass affluent consumers, and what have been the key characteristics that separated them from the vast array of investible options? We break down the critical success factors of the winners that have caught the eye of the investor community.

Speakers/Panellists include:

  • Nicola Castelnuovo, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer, Crowdo
  • Kevin Lim, Managing Partner, 1823 Ventures
  • Timo Dreger, Managing Director, Apeiron Investment Group
  • Roger Crook, CEO, Capital Springboard


Fast, Sexy and Risk-Savvy: Branded Assets, Passion Investments and Other Forms of Personal Gratification
From art and vineyards to antiques, what have been the top performing alternative asset classes internationally and regionally over the past five years? Looking ahead, which segments look dangerously inflated and which emerging areas offer the highest risk-reward performance potential? Our panel also share their industry best practices in managing such portfolios.

Speakers/Panellists include:

  • Massimo Tammaro, Head of Risk Management, Ferrari and Former Commander, Italy’s National Aeronautics Team
  • Christies (Invited)
  • Sotheby's(Invited)




Bitcoin and Crypto-currency - On the Edge of a Cliff or Headed for New Heights?
While bitcoin’s price has been reaching new highs its trading volatility has also been high; market momentum has recently been slowed by a number of factors including exchange regulation and new fees. What do the institutional positions indicate about the direction that the market is headed? We also discuss strategies for investors to manage their investment risk more efficiently.

Speakers/Panellists include:

  • Bobby Lee, CEO of BTCC, and Board Member of Bitcoin Foundation
  • Aurelien Menant, Founder and CEO, Gatecoin


Insider’s Guideto the Business of Borrowing and Lending Money Between Strangers on the Internet
Exploration of Lender and Consumer Risks and Opportunities - How Aware is the Market of the Inherent Emerging Risks and Benefits?

Speakers/Panellists include:

  • Kelvin Teo, Co-founder and Director, Funding Societies
  • Lawrence Yong, Founder and CEO, MoolahSense


Performance Matters – Private Bankers and Fund Managers in the Age of Robo-Advisors
How are robo-advisors stacking up against their human counterparts? Will strong relationships and the ability to address clients’ thorny and complex non-financial issues help human wealth managers hold a decisive edge in the competition for clients, or will they inevitably follow the fate of human travel agents, and be largely replaced by technology solutions?

Speakers/Panellists include:

  • Ned Phillips, Founder and CEO, Bambu
  • Charlie O’Flaherty, Partner and Head of Digital Strategy and Distribution, Crossbridge Capital


Close of the FutureWealth Asia

*This is a draft agenda – Topics and speakers are subject to change


Agenda & Speaking Opportunities:

Hafezah Saleh


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